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Celebration concert on the theme "THE LANGUAGE IS THE HONOR OF THE NATION" was held at Samarkand State Medical Institute.

  On October 21, 1989 the law "On the state language" defining legal grounds of the state language was adopted according to which the Uzbek language was given the status of the state language.

  In honor of the 32nd anniversary of the official status of the Uzbek language and to celebrate this date, a number of cultural and educational activities was taking place throughout the country, including at our institute.

  In this regard, on October 20 this year, the festive event entitled "LANGUAGE - THE HONOR OF THE NATION" was organized at Samarkand State Medical Institute. The event was opened by S. Khalimov, head of the Youth, Spirituality and Education Department of the institute. . The event started with the performances of students studying in the department of Uzbek language and literature, Russian language, and a concert program. The event was attended by professors and students of the institute.

  Thus, the event underscored the difficulties encountered in determining the legal status of the Uzbek language, the conditions created for the wide use of the rich potential of our language, and the efforts to elevate the state language to a new level.

  It was pointed out that enhancing the respect for our language, raising its status in society, educating the younger generation in the spirit of reverence for our native language would always be our vital spiritual duty.

  It was emphasized that in order to raise the international prestige of the Uzbek language, it is necessary to promote its inclusion in the list of languages developed on the basis of national and universal concepts, and requires deep respect for it from all of us.

SamSMI Press Service