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21 October - Uzbek Language Day

  Every year, 21 October is widely celebrated in our country as the day when the Uzbek language was given the status of the state language. This year, various events are held in various state institutions, schools, libraries, businesses and organisations.

  Language is an immeasurable wealth, a unique value and invaluable asset of every nation. Every nation, every people has its inimitable language. A language reflects the history and culture of the nation that has created it. At the same time, language plays a vital role in social development. It is an inseparable part of every nation.

  Thus, the celebration began early in the morning with the laying of a wreath at the monument of Ali-Shir Nava'i, the founder of the Uzbek language.

  Representatives of regional and city khokimiyats (local government), members of Samarkand regional branch of Uzbekistan Writers' Union, staff of higher educational institutions, public education, preschool departments, public meetings, as well as employees of Samarkand State Medical Institute did not stand aside during the celebration.

  On a stage created in the poet's street, the event, dedicated to the celebration of the day of Uzbek language, continued in the form of a literary evening.

  During the information and spiritual hours, an extensive outreach was conducted for teachers and students in all departments and courses of the Institute on the theme of “October 21 - the day, when the Uzbek language was given the status of the state language”.

SamSMI Press Service