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International scientific and practical workshop on sports medicine

  October 29, 2021, the department of medical rehabilitation, sports medicine and folk medicine held a scientific workshop and a master class with international participation on “Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal system pathology and sports injuries” at Samarkand State Medical Institute. The seminar was attended by staff of medical institutions, leading rehabilitation therapists from Samarkand and Andijan State Medical Institutes and Tashkent Medical Academy.

  The rector, professor Jasur Alimjanovich Rizaev made a welcoming speech at the opening ceremony and noted the importance of such joint seminars for the improvement of knowledge and skills of medical workers as well as the quality of the practical component of the educational process at higher medical education institutions of the republic. Memorable gifts were presented to chief physician of Therapeutic Rehabilitation Clinical Centre (TRCC) “Yudino” - a branch of Federal State Budgetary Institution “National Medical Research Centre for Rehabilitation and Balneology” of the Ministry of Health of Russia - President of NP “National Federation of Masseurs”, DSc, Professor Mikhail Anatolievich Eremushkin at the opening ceremony of workshop.

  After a series of presentations by leading rehabilitation and sports physicians of Samarkand State Medical Institute, Andijan State Medical Institute and Tashkent Medical Academy, Professor Mikhail Yeremushkin gave a master class on “Classical massage technique - the modern standard of dosed exposure”.

  The staff of the Department of Rehabilitation and Physical Training of the AndSMI also held an open lecture on topical issues of rehabilitation for 4th year students of the Institute's Faculty of Dentistry.

SamSMI Press Service