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A trip to Tashkent was organised for active students

  In accordance with Five Priority Initiatives of the President on improving the morale of young people and meaningful organization of their leisure time and Decree of February 9, 2021 "On measures for further development of domestic and pilgrimage tourism in the Republic of Uzbekistan", trip to the capital of our country - Tashkent was organized for active students of the Institute.

  With this purpose, Samarkand State Medical Institute is constantly working to organize meaningful leisure time of students and further enhance the effectiveness of spiritual-educational work in the academic year 2021-2022.

  On the initiative of Samarkand State Medical Institute Rector, a tour of the sights of the capital city was organized at the Institute for a group of active and talented students of the Youth Union of SamSMI in order to encourage them.

  The main purpose of the trip was to study remarkable historical monuments and rich historical places of our country, demonstrate the results of large-scale socio-economic reforms in our country through the example of Tashkent, and develop the sense of patriotism and national pride among students.

  Firstly, our students visited the New Uzbekistan Park and got acquainted with Istiqlol complex built there, and observed this creation which became the cornerstone of the Third Renaissance, with great excitement.

  Then they visited the capital's Victory Park, I.Karimov's residence (Oqsaroy), Mustaqillik Square, and familiarized themselves with exhibits of museums set up in those places and got information on interesting topics.

  The participants of the trip also visited ICE CITY ice palace and MAGIC CITY park, as well as Tashkent city and a wide range of creation works was shown to them.

  During the trip students were guided by Deputy Dean of Medical Faculty of SamSMI Tolib Khamidovich Nabiev, head of primary organization of Youth Union Khodjimukhammad Khabibullaevich Abbasov and Institute psychologist Dilorom Abdurashitovna Djuraeva.

SamSMI Press Service