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Samarkand State Medical Institute hosts a course of Russian professor on eliminating dental discolouration

  An author's course of one of the leading dentists of the Russian Federation, Professor of the Department of Prosthodontics of the Russian University of People's Friendship, DSc, Honorary Professor of the Tver Medical Academy, founder and expert of the Dental Clinic “Дентикюр (Dentikur)” (Saint Petersburg), head of the “Dental whitening centre of Professor Akulovich” (Moscow, Russia) launched at the invitation of the Professor Zhasur Rizaev at Samarkand State Medical Institute.

  As dentist and therapist of the highest qualification, Andrey Akulovich has been conducting an active lecturing activity since 2003, in particular seminars and master classes on teeth splinting, teeth whitening, colour in dentistry, remineralization therapy, minimally invasive technologies in dentistry, adhesive technologies and prevention of dental diseases in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, as well as many countries of the world (USA, Turkey, Hong Kong, Finland, Poland, Germany, Taiwan, Croatia, UK, France).

  The opening ceremony of the course was attended by the Rector of the Institute Prof. Zh.A. Rizaev. He thanked the Russian guest for his visit and the author's courses, which will undoubtedly contribute to the further improvement of dental care and training at the Institute.During the opening ceremony, Andrei Akulovich was awarded an “Honorary Doctor” degree of our Institute.

  Dentists of health care institutions of Samarkand region and Samarkand city, professors and teaching staff of the Institute's Departments of Dental Faculty attended the course “Modern Approaches to the Elimination of Dental Discolorities” held by the Russian professor. These master classes will undoubtedly contribute to further improvement of dental care provided to the population of the region, training of personnel and expansion of international relations of our Institute.

SamSMI Press Service