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The main accountant of the samarkand state medical institute

Toshmurodov Shodiyor Аxmatovich

Reception time: from 09.00 to 17:00
Tel: (0366)233-50-00
Fax: (0366)233-71-75
E-mail: vvgaysina@mail.ru
Address: Samarkand, Amur Temur, 18

  Accounting is a structural unit of the Samarkand State Medical Institute, which regulates and implements accounting policies, calculates and pays the salaries of the administration, faculty, teaching and support staff, as well as scholarships for students, masters and residents.
  It creates complete and accurate information about the status and movement of assets, property rights and obligations on accounts, both material and financial. Prepares financial, tax and other reports.
  Accounting conducts its activities under the leadership of the rector of the institute and is responsible for the clear and timely execution of the approved cost estimates.

About accounting staff

9 specialists work in accounting:
Toshmurodov Shodiyor Axmatovich - chief accountant
Qayumov Botirxon - deputy. chief accountant - auditor
Norov Mirzaziz - deputy. Chief Material Accountant
Salimov Jamoliddin- Material Accountant.
Isrofilova Zarina - PPP Accounting Department
Shodieva Mukhaye - accountant for the settlement department for UVP
Umarov Komil - scholarship accountant
Ashurova Feruza - accountant for paid - contracted training
Atabaev Sherali - cashier