Admission procedure
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Admission procedure

  Citizens of foreign countries, to study at the Samarkand State Medical Institute (SSMI), can choose any of the faculties and study directions available in SSMI. Information about the faculties and study directions of the Institute can be obtained here (

Admission rules:

  Citizens of foreign countries are admitted to the SSMI based on interview.

In order to participate in the interview, following documents have to be submitted:

- an application addressed to the rector of SSMI indicating the direction, language and form of training;

- contact information with the home address, e-mail and contact phone numbers;

- the original and a copy of the certificate / diploma indicating the subjects studied and the marks (points) obtained from them with a notarized translation into Russian or Uzbek;

- national and foreign passport (with copies) or birth certificate (if you have a residence permit, you must also provide a copy);

- 6 photo cards measuring 3.5 x 4.5 cm.

  All of the documents listed above should be submitted personally or sent by e-mail to!

For more information please contact:

+998 66 233 2744

+998 97 917 9173