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The archive of Institute

Shakarova Charos Amankulovna

Tel: (0366) 233-18-30
Fax: (0366) 233-71-75
E-mail: arxiv@sammi.uz
Address: Samarkand, 18 Amir Temur street

Archive department

  The archive department is one of the main structural units of the institute, which operates in accordance with the charter.

  History (department heads who have worked in different years)

  The main purpose of the department

  The activities of the Institute are to ensure the storage, accounting, use and preparation of documents for storage, as well as their use for scientific and practical purposes before the submission of documents to the state archives. Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On archives" and resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers (No. 101 of April 5, 2012, No. 140 of March 29, 1999, No. 12 of January 12, 1999 and 1999 On April 30, No. 482), as well as the Samarkand State Medical Institute operates on the basis of the Archive Charter

  The main tasks of the department

  • The archive performs the following functions:
  • The archive of the institute keeps the documents and keeps records until they are submitted to the regional state archive.
  • Provides information on the documents stored at the Institute to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the regional state archive on statistical forms and prepares documents for submission to state storage.
  • Takes into account the specifics of the Institute, develops normative documents on archives and record keeping (instructions, Regulations on expert commissions and archives) and agrees with the Expert Inspection Commission (EIC) of the regional department of archives.
  • Examines the scientific and historical value (significance) of documents stored at the Institute and draws up an act on their allocation for destruction, depending on the period of storage, with the participation of specialists of the regional state archives.
  • Develops a schedule of submission of documents stored in the archives of the institute to the district state archive and submits them to the rector of the institute for approval.
  • Considers the list of documents to be submitted to the state archives for permanent storage and the list of documents (opis) prepared by the staff of the group of archivists working on the economic account of the regional state archives and submits it to the Expert Inspection Commission (EIC) of the regional archives.
  • Considers an act on the allocation of expired documents for destruction.

Of the Institute participates in the preparation of guidelines for the nomenclature of collections and office work.

  • Considers proposals to change the retention periods of certain categories of documents and submits these proposals to the Expert Inspection Commission (EIC) of the regional department of archives for approval.
  • Organizes the use of documents and provides individuals with copies of archival information and documents in the prescribed manner.

  Currently working in the department (F. I. O. position, picture with general staff):

  Shakarova Charos Amankulovna - head of the department

  The archive has two staff members: the head of the archive department and the archivist.