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Course of infectious diseases

Kadirov Jonibek Fayzullaevich

kursi mudiri

Time of reception: Monday-Friday 14:00
Phone: +998909015797
Address: Tashkent, Yunusab district, farogat str., 5, building No. 30

List of Department employees

Last name, first name Position
Kadirov J.F. Head of the Department,
Oslanov A.A. Assistent
Samibaeva U.X. Assistent


Samarkand State Medical Institute, Faculty of Postgraduate Education Infectious Diseases Course SamMI Rector 30.04. It was established by the order of №-97 in 1997 under the name of the Department of Infectious Diseases under the Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Education.
In 2001, the department of infectious diseases VMOF was transformed into a course of infectious diseases by the order of the rector of SamMI dated 09.06.2001 No 351. During this period, the department was headed by t.f.d. F. Sh. Nosirov, associate professors S.Sirojov, A. A. Karimov, R. A. Nishonov, senior assistant Usmonov Sh.S. The Usmanovs carried out 55 scientific works.

In 2006, the states in the communicable disease course were reduced, leaving 2 state units, and t.f.d. F.Sh.Nosirov, associate professor S.Sirojov.
The department of infectious diseases, then the course was held in 1997-2014, Ph.D. F.Sh. Directed by Nosirov.

From 2014 to the present, the course of infectious diseases dots. M. Q. Yarmuhammedova is the director Currently, in the course of communicable diseases in the main states Associate Professor MK Yarmuhammedova (0.5 rate), Assistant AA Oslanov (1.0 rate), Assistant UH Samiboeva (0.5 rate) and senior teacher AO Orzikulovs (0.25 rate) are active.
Course staff 180 by MK Yarmuhammedova, 54 by AA Oslanov, A. O. 130 scientific works were made by Orzikulov and 19 scientific works by UH Samiboeva.
To date, he has supervised 4 master's theses. Yarmuxamedova M.K. Conducts research in connection with the plan of research work on "infectious diseases". To date, he is the author of more than 250 scientific papers, including 45 textbooks, 72 textbooks. Using new pedagogical technologies, Associate Professor MK Yarmukhamedova lectures to fifth and sixth year students of the faculties of Pediatrics and Medicine on the basis of modern innovative technologies in the credit-modular system of education introduced at the institute. Associate Professor MK Yarmukhamedova provides consultative assistance to patients at the Samarkand Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital. He is actively involved in the general team work on the spiritual and educational work of the institute and the department. Associate Professor MK Yarmukhamedova actively and regularly conducts spiritual and propaganda work among students of the institute, parents of patients and residents of the neighborhood.

From 2020 to the present, the course of infectious diseases Assistant Kadirov G.F. director Currently.