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Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care

Matlubov Mansur Muratovich
Head of the chair, Associate Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences

Time of receipt: Monday-Saturday:08:30-15:00
Tel: (97) 927-91-71
E-mail: mansur.matlubov@gmail.com
Address: Samarkand, st. Ankabay 6

Staff of the Department

Surname/Name Position
Pardaev Shukur Kuilievich Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Khamdamova Eleonora Gafarovna Senior Lecturer of the Department
Kholbekov Bakhodir Kuchkarovich assistant of the department
Goibov Salim Saydullaevich


Sharipov Isroil Latipovich assistent
Muminov Abduxalim Abduvakilovich assistent
Joniev Sanjar Shuhratovich assistent
Akramov Bahodir Rahmonovich assistent
Mukhammedieva Nigina Ulugbekovna assistent
Yusupov Jasur Tolibovich assistent
Nematilloyev To’xtasin Komiljonovich



  In 1968, on the basis of the Department of General Surgery, a course of anesthesiology and resuscitation was organized, which was entrusted to be headed by Associate Professor Semyon Abramovich Borukhov. Since 1974, the course has been transformed into the Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimatology of SamMI, which was the first department for students among medical universities in Uzbekistan and throughout Central Asia. The first professor in this discipline was the head of the department Borukhov Semyon Abramovich. At the origins of the department were associate professors Viktor Aleksandrovich Ryazantsev, Yuliy Rafkatovich Zamanov, Tolib Aslamovich Akhtamov, assistants Boltaboy Khalilovich Khalilov, Eleonora Gafarovna Khamdamova, E.Kh. Ismailov and many others. A huge role in the organization of the department was played in those years by Academician Uripikov. Rector of SamMI Professor Uktam Karimovna Vakhabova. The department is based in 1 Clinic of SamMI to the present and successfully cooperates with its leadership

  According to the current educational programs, the teaching of the subject in anesthesiology and resuscitation is carried out at 5 faculties of the institute - medical, pediatric, medical-pedagogical, dental and at the faculty of higher nursing. The material and technical base of the department, like the entire institute as a whole, has been significantly enriched and renewed. This is equipment with furniture, computers, a multimedia installation, equipment for ventilation, monitors, laboratory equipment. To improve the educational process, modern pedagogical technologies are used, electronic textbooks, lectures and practical exercises are illustrated with mannequins, technical means, and video materials. At the department, in order to ensure a high-quality educational process, as well as conduct research work, the lecture hall, classrooms and the educational and clinical laboratory are equipped with the latest information basic technologies, multimedia The educational process is supported by modern information and communication Internet technologies using electronic and modular training systems based on moodle.sammi.uz and mt.sammi.uz platforms, where electronic educational materials on all topics taught at the department are posted, incl. h. in English for foreign students. projectors, video and audio systems, distance learning has been introduced.

  Also, the department has a student scientific society (SSS). Of course, all this allows classes to be conducted at a high modern level that meets the world's educational systems. The staff of the department has expanded significantly, young talented personnel are working. After retirement S.A. Borukhov, Doctor of Medical Sciences Azamat Ulugovich Rakhimov worked as the head of the department from 1996 to 2010, then Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor ShukurKulievichPardaev. Since July 2012, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Mansur Muratovich Matlubov was elected as the head of the Department, then successfully defended dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences in 2018.

Heads of the chair in different years:

Borukhov S.A. (1974-1995)

Rakhimov A.U.
(1996 - 2010)

Pardaev Sh.K. (2010-2012)

  Since 2005, residents of the magistracy have been trained in the specialty of anesthesiology and resuscitation in accordance with the postgraduate education programs adopted in Uzbekistan. In total, 41 residents graduated from the magistracy, 8 people are currently studying. Of the graduates of the magistracy in different years, 5 people are currently working at our department as assistants. In addition to the magistracy, clinical residents are constantly trained at the department, who successfully work in medical institutions of the city of Samarkand and area, as well as in other areas of the Republic.

 The staff of the department also provide enormous medical and advisory assistance to patients who are inpatient treatment in 1 clinic of SamMI, in hospitals and maternity hospitals of the city, sponsored districts of the region, they provide, according to the schedule, night shifts, duty at home and trips through the CAS line. All patients operated on in 1 clinic of SamMI are examined and consulted by assistants, associate professors, and a professor without fail - the decision on the choice of anesthesia method, intensive therapy and resuscitation is made collectively.
  Completed medical work for 2020 by the staff of the department Thanks to the qualified work of assistants, associate professors, together with residents, have achieved high rates in medical work, which are expressed not only in numbers, but in the quality of treatment, a friendly attitude towards patients and the absence of any complications of anesthesia and resuscitation.


  One of the main activities of teachers of the Department is the formation of high moral values among students, fostering interest in professional activities, the need for a healthy lifestyle, attracting students to cultural events of the Institute. To implement these tasks, the Department has a teacher responsible for spiritual, educational and curatorial work, whose activities are carried out according to the approved plan. Each group is assigned a curator, who is appointed from among experienced teachers. Under the guidance of curators, students actively participate in public events, organize cultural leisure, visit historical monuments and attractions of Samarkand, theaters and museums.
  Much attention is paid to physical education and sports, visiting the sights of our city, its history, the history of the Institute, and reading works of literature.

  Spiritual and educational work is carried out on the basis of an approved plan, according to which various events are held dedicated to historical dates, national
holidays, sports competitions, etc.

  Each curator has a work plan, based on which he conducts various events with the curatorial group. Each curator has data about each student and their daily routine. There are also albums and CDs that reflect the stories of the events held. The head of the Department and teachers-curators of groups regularly meet with students. Every Thursday, classes start with an introduction to the materials of the "Information hour".


  The Department conducts educational activities in 6 General education programs of higher education: 4 bachelor's degree programs, 1 master's degree program, 1 clinical resident training program.
  The Department teaches the following subjects: Anesthesiology and resuscitation, Pediatric anesthesiology and resuscitation, Emergency care. Teachers of the Department carry out the educational process in full-time, on-line forms of training of the faculty of medical science 5 and 6 courses, Pediatrics 5 course, higher nursing 2 and 3 courses.
  In 2015-2020, 17 teaching AIDS and 5 methodological recommendations were published for students, masters, clinical residents and doctors of practical health care, which fully meet modern requirements: the methods used in these manuals, without denying the fully developed approach to teaching the specialty at the Department, at the same time, are aimed at developing communication skills and solving interactive problems, which corresponds to the spirit of the time.
  The Department is guided by the Laws of the Republic in the field of education, the Charter of Sammi, the Regulations on the Department, the Regulations on the current control of knowledge and intermediate control of students and other legal acts of the Institute. The Department carries out educational activities in accordance with educational programs in according to the working curricula of specialties approved by the Academic and faculty Council of the Institute.


  In the scientific plan, in recent years, there has been a tendency to increase the activity of employees in this regard: the department carries out scientific work that is approved by higher organizations. In 2011, he successfully defended and received a Ph.D. degree in medical sciences, the current head of the department, Assoc. M.M. Matlubov, and in 2018 he successfully defended and received the scientific degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences. Work is being prepared for young assistants. Articles, abstracts are published annually in republican, Russian and other foreign editions, as well as various methodological developments and recommendations are prepared and published. According to the regulation on the magistracy, adopted on the basis of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan from March 2, 2015, master's theses acquire greater importance, the status of residents who have completed the magistracy is significantly increased

  The fact that the department is undergoing positive transformations in the material and technical base, equipping with equipment, computers, etc. Much credit belongs to the leadership of the Samarkand Medical Institute.


  Students' participation in student scientific circles is an integral part of the educational process in the Department. Materials of research work of students and residents of the master's program are presented annually at conferences of young scientists, and the best works are awarded with diplomas and incentives from the Institute. This allows students to focus on obtaining scholarships, get recommendations for master's degree programs, and internships in research medical centers of the Republic of Uzbekistan after completing their bachelor's degree. Students of our Institute participated in the third international Olympiad "Golden Medskill" in Moscow on emergency care in case of disasters and took second place among all participants, ahead of Moscow medical institutes.