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Clinical and laboratory diagnostics

Yusupova Nargiza Abdikodirovna

Head of Department

Time of receipt:

Monday - Saturday until 15:00


+ 99897910-80-75


@ gmail.com, nargiza-yusupova-87@mail.ru


Amir Temur street, 18




Yusupova Nargiza

Head of department

Kudratova Zebo

Teaching assistant

Ibragimova Nadia

Teaching assistant

Kuvandikov Golib

Teaching assistant

Nabieva Farangiz

Teaching assistant

Berdiyarova Shohida

Teaching assistant


   In 1996, by order of the rector of SamMI, a course of clinical and laboratory diagnostics of the faculty of postgraduate education was founded on the basis of the Children's Surgical Center, which was located on ul. Ulugbek 70a. Since the founding of the course, Khalikov K.M.

  In 2014, by order of the rector of SamMI, the Department of Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics was founded on the same base, K. Khalikov was also appointed the head. At the Department of Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics and FPDO Course, such assistants were taught as: Halikov K.M., Yusupova N.A., Kudratova Z.E., Ruzieva M.E., Yulaeva I.A., Rustemova Z.R., Umarova T.A.

  Employees of the department took advanced training courses in Korea, Germany, in the city of Izhevsk.

  In 2017, N.A. Yusupova became the head of the department. In the same year, new assistants came to the department: Ibragimova N.S., Togaeva G.S. In 2018, an assistant G. Kuvandikov came. In 2019, assistants: Umarova S.S., Nabieva F.S.

  Students of the 4th year of medical, pediatric, medical-pedagogical, medical and preventive faculties, 2-year students of the medical faculty of second education, 2-year medical biologists, 3-year OKH, 5-year students of the Faculty come to the department. Doctors of laboratory assistants for advanced training, cadets for specialization come to FPDO courses.

  They worked as assistants and, for various reasons, the department left the assistant professor. Khalikov K.M., ass. Ruzieva M.E., ass. Togaeva G.S., each of whom contributed to the development of the department and department, a piece of his soul and his life.


  On September 2, 2020, at the Department of Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics, an online lesson was held on Independence Day through the ZOOM platform

An informational curatorial hour is held at the department once a week from the spirituality department.


Study guides published in the 2018-2019 academic year.

1. "Clinical and laboratory diagnostics of anemias", Ibragimova N.S., Yusupova N.A., Togaeva G.S., Kudratova Z.E., Samarkand 2018

2. “Hemoblastosis. The main clinical and laboratory markers ", Kudratova Z.E., Yusupova N.A., Togaeva G.S., Ibragimova N.S., Samarkand 2018

3. "Clinical interpretation of laboratory parameters in hematology", Togaeva G.S., Ibragimova N.S., Kudratova Z.E., Yusupova N.A., Samarkand 2018

4. "Clinical and laboratory diagnostics of diabetes mellitus", Yusupova N.A., Togaeva G.S., Ibragimova N.S., Kudratova Z.E., Samarkand 2018

Study guides published in the 2019-2020 academic year

1. "Biochemical studies of blood plasma proteins", Kudratova Z.E., Kuvandikov G.B., Yusupova N.A., Samarkand 2019

2. "Laboratory indicators for diseases of the urinary system", Ibragimova N.S., Lamaeva G.T., Berdiyarova Sh.Sh., Samarkand 2019

3. "Clinical and laboratory characteristics of pathological processes in the lungs", Ibragimova N.S., Mukhtarova M.T., Samarkand 2019

4. "Modern clinical and laboratory diagnosis of hereditary diseases", Kudratova Z.E., Kuvandikov G.B., Berdiyarova Sh.Sh., Samarkand 2019.

Educational-methodical manuals published in the academic year 2020-2021

1. "Immunoenzymatic analysis" Nabieva F.S., Yusupova N.A. Ibragimova N.S. Yulaeva I.A. Samarkand 2021

2. "Spermogram. A method for laboratory diagnosis". Ibragimova N.S. Nabieva F.S., Kuvandikov G.B. Samarkand 2021

3. " Methods of laboratory examination in kidney diseases " Kudratova Z.E. Yusupova N.A. Berdiyarova Sh. Samarkand 2021

4. "Modern laboratory diagnostics of cardiovascular system" Ibragimova N.S. Nabieva F.S., Kuvandikov G.B. Berdiyarova Sh. Samarkand 2021