Department of Dentistry No. 1
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Department of Dentistry No. 1

Norbutaev Alisher Berdikulovich

Head of the Department

Days of reception: Monday-Saturday 9:00 - 15:00 чч.
Adress: Regional Dental Clinic, Ozod Shark St., 10


Fullname Position
Аxmedov Аlisher Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, lecturer
Ortikova Nargiza Teacher, head teacher
Normuratov Аziz Teacher
Murtazaev Аlisher Teacher
Melibaev Bexzod
Berdiev Timur Teacher
Irgashev Shoxrux Teacher
Islamova Nilufar Teacher
Gʼaniev Tulqin Teacher
Chaqqanov Faxriddin Teacher
Sadikova Shoira Teacher


  In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education" and the National Program of Personnel Training by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 20, 2011 No. 1533 "On measures to strengthen the material and technical base of higher educational institutions and radically improve the quality of education" Resolution No. PP-2659 of 21 November 2016 "On measures to improve the training of medical personnel in the field of dentistry", August 23, 2010 № 254 of the Ministry of Health "On approval of the Regulation on clinical bases of medical educational institutions." In accordance with order No. 249 of August 27, 2012 "On the joining of medical institutions to medical higher educational institutions as the basis of educational and practical production", improving the quality of teaching, educational process and pedagogical activities of the Institute in the field of dentistry. In order to further improve the quality of education, the introduction of advanced information, communication and educational technologies, so that the theoretical training of dentists is closely related to the practical skills that they study, the Department was created jointly with the Department of Dentistry and Dentistry course No. 1 and has 14 teachers, in The 2018-2019 academic year - 15 teachers, and in the 2019-2020 academic year-18 teachers. Currently there are 12 teachers.

  The Department of Dentistry has an orthopedic, therapeutic and surgical department, as well as a dental laboratory. This department trained 2-5 year students of the Faculty of Dentistry in the discipline "Therapeutic dentistry", "Orthopedic dentistry", "Surgical dentistry". More than 800 students are trained at the department annually. In accordance with the curriculum of dentistry, the department conducts educational and laboratory classes in the following disciplines (scientific modules):

  • Therapeutic dentistry
  • Surgical dentistry
  • Orthopedic dentistry

  The main task of the department is to improve the quality of student training through the introduction of innovative forms and teaching methods into the educational process, increase the motivation of students, actualize the value of self-education, master a wide range of practical skills by students and form the professional competencies of future dentists.


  Educational-methodical work: Much attention at the department is paid to the methodological support of the educational process. The staff of the department has developed work programs and educational-methodical complexes for all educational cycles. Controlling test tasks have been prepared. The educational material reflects modern views on the etiology and pathogenesis of major dental diseases and includes modern methods of their diagnosis and treatment. In the 2nd year, students study tools and materials used in dentistry; 3-5 courses - diseases of hard tissues of teeth, periodontal disease and periodontal disease, as well as orthopedic structures and materials science in surgical dentistry.

Classes in the discipline of orthopedic dentistry

Practical classes are held in the treatment rooms of the dental clinic, equipped with dental units that allow the patient to be treated in an ergonomic environment.

  The practical lesson consists of a theoretical and practical part. At the end of the lesson, a summary of the work performed is summarized.

  The theoretical part of the lesson - studying the material of the topic and assessing the degree of assimilation of knowledge

  The practical part of the lesson- in which the teacher controls and assesses how well the student performs the examination of the patient, makes a diagnosis, draws up a plan of preventive and therapeutic measures

  To control the quality of the assimilation of students' knowledge in all sections of the studied disciplines within the framework of an innovative project, the teachers of the department prepared electronic educational and methodological presentations and visual aids: videos, albums,radiographs and photographs, slides


Study Guide

  1. Iron, its role in the functioning of the organizational system and the associated image of the oral mucosa Rizaev J.A. Norbutaev A.B.
  2. Factors influencing the indicator of periodontal health in chronic periodontitis with iron deficiency, their treatment and prevention Norbutaev AB, Rizaev J.A.
  3. Markers of dysfunction of vascular endothelial cells in combat athletes. A. A. Akhmedov
  4. Assessment of the state of mucosal barra in combat athletes. AA Akhmedov

Methodical Guide

  1. Emergency care in the dental office Rizaev JA, Norbutaev AB, Khazratov AI.


  The department works with gifted students. Our students actively participate in conferences held at our institute and medical universities of the republic. In particular, at a student conference held at our institute, 2 of our students took pride of place. Our students also participate in dental Olympiads under the guidance of the department staff.

  Article 43 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On the oath of a doctor of the Republic of Uzbekistan". I took the high title of doctor and explained to them in a broad sense that they are faithful to him. After the interview, the students were interested and asked questions and received complete and meaningful answers to their questions.