Department of Dentistry No. 2
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Department of Dentistry No. 2

Zoyirov Tulqin Elnazarovich
Head of the Department, associate Professor

Time of reception: Monday-Wednesday 16: 00
Tel: +99898 573 90 92
Address: Shahmurad 27, hospital "Sam Dental Medic"

List of department members

Surname.Name.Middle name. Position
Absalamova Nigora Faxriddinovna Teaching assistant
Muratova Saodat Kadirovna Teaching assistant
Shukurova Nodira Tillaevna Teaching assistant
Turayev Alim Baxriddinovich Teaching assistant
Djavadova Luiza Murodaliyevna Teaching assistant
Xolboyeva Nasiba Asrorovna Teaching assistant
Usmanov Parviz Raxmatullayevich Teaching assistant
Xolboyev Ulug’bek Agbarovich Teaching assistant


  The Department of dentistry No. 2 of the faculty of dentistry of the Samarkand state medical Institute was established in January 2017. In 2017-2020 as the head of the Department was unknown Isroilov Sulaimon Abdulhalikovich . During these years, 10 teaching assistants and 1 associate Professor worked at the Department.

(2017-2020 years.)

  Since September 2020, the position of head of the Department of dentistry No. 2 is occupied by associate Professor zoiirov Tulkin Elnazarovich. Currently, the Department has 1 associate Professor, 4 teaching assistants, and 4 trainee assistants.


  The Department of Dentistry No. 2 was founded in 2017. Since this year, spiritual enlightenment has been carried out. Javadova Luiza Murodalievna supervises spiritual and educational work at the department.

  Spiritual and educational work is carried out at the Department of Dentistry No. 2. On the basis of the annual work plan developed by the department of spirituality and education of the institute, an annual work plan for the spiritual and educational work of the department is developed, and on the basis of this annual work plan, the department conducts work. Planned round tables are held by professors and teachers of the department in their groups on a monthly basis.
  Currently, the department conducts spiritual and educational work with the teachers of the department on the basis of the annual plan. Accordingly, at the Department of Dentistry No. 2, in curatorial groups, once a week, during the TTA hours set in the faculty's schedule, spiritual and educational work is carried out.

  TSpiritual and educational work among students on topical topics indicated in the plan is carried out by professors and teachers of the department not only in coaching groups, but also for students studying at the department 10-15 minutes before the start of practical classes. For this, students who annually come to the department at the beginning of the academic year in all groups on the topic "The spiritual image of the student" and the moral qualities of the individual; it has become common to conduct informative conversations about such qualities as kindness, humility, hard work, conscientiousness, sincerity, justice, kindness, generosity, and concern.

 In the field of the formation of religious knowledge and culture on the topic "Islam - the religion of barricades", the department regularly shows multimedia and video films on television in classrooms during long breaks between classes. Formation of ideological immunity and intellectual struggle. Round tables on the topic "Spiritual threats and the fight against them" are held with the students of the coaching group with the participation of professors and specialists of the department with the help of multimedia and video films.

The main directions of "Spiritual and educational" work at the department are:

• Promotion of creative work in the successful implementation of reforms in the country;
• Develop a philosophy of a healthy lifestyle among students;
• Enhancing the political and legal culture of students;
• Timely inform students about social, political and creative work taking place in the world and in our country;
• Creation of a healthy spiritual environment among students;
• Strengthen the foundations of national thinking and a healthy worldview in the hearts of our students, educate them as strong-willed, selfless and patriotic people capable of living consciously, having their own opinion, and firmly resisting various spiritual aggression. naltish;
• Teach our students in a spirit of respect and tolerance for the exemplary lives of our saints, their relics, and other faiths;
• Correct organization of students' leisure, organization of various clubs, taking into account the focus and specialization of the educational institution.