Department of Foreign Languages
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Department of Foreign Languages

Candidate of Philological Sciences

Umida Aliyaskarovna Safarova
Head of chair

Reception time: Monday – Saturday 8:30-16:00
Tel: +99891-550-05-42
Adress: Samarkand city, 41 Dahbed street (2-SamMI dormitory building)


Name Function
Babaeva D.X. Candidate of Philology sciences, teacher
Fomina M.A. Teacher
Raxmatova S.A. Teacher
Normuradova N.S. Teacher
Aytmuradova P.G. Teacher
Saidova K.I Teacher
Yorova S.K. Teacher
ErgashovaSh.U Teacher
Shodiqulova A.Z Teacher
Olimzoda P.O Teacher
Shamsiev Q.Q Teacher
Sharipov B.S Teacher
Maxmudov Z.M Teacher
Beknazarova M.K Teacher
NasreddinovaF.Sh Teacher
Qurbonova R.A Teacher
Raximova N Teacher
Axmedjanova B.J Teacher
Muxiddinzoda R Teacher
BozorovSh Teacher
Xayrullaev U Teacher
Muhammadqulova M.K Teacher
Nuralieva O.N Teacher
Gazieva Sh Teacher
Maxmudava S.A Teacher
Matyaqubova Sh Teacher


  Samarkand State Medical Institute ( SamMI), the department of "Foreign Languages" was founded in 1946 and began to teach regularly in Latin, Uzbek, English, German and French.

The Department of Languages was headed by the following people in different years:

1. 1946-1949- O.K.Shmit
2. 1949-1951- N.G. Shvetsova
3. 1951-1952- O.A.Lapshina
4. 1952-1982- V.F.Gorbik
5. 1982-1992- Candidate of Philological Sciences, Docent A.E. Mamatov
6. 1993-1998- Candidate of Philological Sciences, Docent U.U.Usmonov
7. 1998-2000- Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor M.A.Xolbekov
8. 2000-2006- Senior Lecturer X.T.Umarov
9. 2006-2011- G.D. Qo`ldosheva
10. 2011 -2014 Candidate of Philological Sciences U.A.Safarova
11. 2015-2019- Candidate of Philological Sciences. D.X. Babaeva
12. 2019-2020- Z.Sh. Nuritdinova

  In November 2012, the Department of Foreign Languages and Latin was joined to the Department of Russian, Uzbek, Pedagogy and Psychology and renamed as the “Department of Languages, Pedagogy and Psychology”. In 2017, the Department of Foreign Languages and Latin was separated from the Department of Russian, Uzbek, Pedagogy and Psychology, and the department was renamed as “The Department of Languages”.

  In September 2020, as the head of the department of "Languages" U.A. Safarova was elected.
Today, the department of English chair has 2 candidates of sciences, 1 senior teacher, 23 teachers. There are 7 teachers of Latin, 1 teacher of German, 2 teachers of French and 22 teachers of English.


  The plan of the 2020/2021 academic year has been approved at the Department of Languages of SamMI in order to educate students to be cultured and educated, and all activities are carried out on the basis of this plan. According to the instructions of the Department of Education of the Samarkand State Medical Institute, every Thursday hours of education and enlightenment are held on various educational topics, protocols are filled out. According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 3898 of August 4, 2018, every Friday, on the Day of Educational Growth and Patriotism, regular educational events are held.
The department of Foreign Languages has banners and posters created in the terms of education and enlightenment, which also play a role in the education of students. Teachers of the department regularly participate in the lessons "Education - Enlightenment" in schools, lyceums and colleges of Samarkand, educational activities are held to educate young people in the spirit of patriotism.
  The staff of the department carries out socio-political work on the basis of the plan and instructions from higher organizations on patriotic education of young people.
  Teachers participate in the activities of the institute with their educational lectures.
In addition to the ongoing work, the tasks set by the leadership of the Samarkand State Medical Institute are being fulfilled in time.


  All documents specified in the instruction on the organization and carrying out of educational process in educational divisions of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan (the order of the rector, the order of the head of department, etc. ) is carried out in time and in established manner.
  The journal of lessons and educational work is kept in accordance with the instructions, opened and established for each group, in addition, the journal of the professor-teacher and the leader of the group (monitor) issued by the institute is kept in the same way.
  Educational-methodical work is considered and approved by the methodical councils of the department.

  Participation in mutual classes, open classes, independent training of students, equipment of classrooms, study of methodical and other documents are carried out according to the plan.
  At the Department of Languages of SamMI in the 2020/2021 academic year on the basis of the working curriculum classes are organized and conducted on the site on the basis of the moodle system. Curriculum includes all types of training, current, intermediate and final examinations.
  Lectures and some practical classes are conducted with video projectors, educational films are shown, and the rest of the practical classes are conducted by teachers directly using modern pedagogical technologies. Practical training is provided by experienced, knowledgeable, highly certified, modern specialists.
  Independent training is on the agenda and is conducted under the direct supervision of teachers.
  Meetings of the department of languages and scientific-methodical commissions are held regularly, where open lessons, lectures are considered and accounted for. There are methodological developments on all topics.


Information on the results of research and publication of professors and teachers of the Department of Languages in 2020:

The staff is 23 members.
Scientific potential -0.46%
Defended dissertations: 2
Approved dissertations: 1
Dissertations prepared for defense: 1
Published articles and theses – 64:
the Republic: 12 (5 articles, 7 theses)
Abroad: 49 (42 articles, 7 theses)
Scopus and Web of Science: 3


  The Department of Languages of SamMI regularly conducts classes on every language (English, German, French) every Thursday and Friday. In addition, a Talented Students Circle has been set up to work independently with gifted students. In addition to the circle work, two students are assigned to each teacher to prepare for the annual Republican Science Olympiads.

  The Department of Languages of SamMI annually in April holds the first stage of the Science Olympiad on languages at the Institute.