Department of General Surgery
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Department of General Surgery

Sherbekov Ulugbek Akhrarovich
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Head of the Department

Time of receipt: Monday-Saturday until 15:00
Tel: +99891-528-41-03
Address: Samarkand city. Ankabaia street 6. 1 - SamGosMI clinic, proctology department.

List of the composition of the department

Full name Position
Murtazaev Zafar Associate professor of the department, candidate of medical sciences.
Rustamov Murodulla The head teacher of the department, lecturer, candidate of medical sciences.
Mamarajabov Sobirjon and / about associate professor of the department, candidate of medical sciences.
Maxmudov Timur Lecturer, candidate of medical sciences.
Xujabaev Safarboy Podovatel, candidate of medical sciences.
Dusiyarov Muxammad Pre-generator.
Baysariev Shovkat Pre-generator.
Sherqulov Qodir Pre-generator.
Yunusov Oybek Pre-generator.
Saydullaev Zayniddin Pre-generator.
Xusenov Ixtiyor Trainee teacher
Rajabov Jasur Trainee teacher
Rustamov Inoyatulla Trainee teacher


  In 1930, the State University of Uzbekistan was established, which included the Faculty of Medicine. The Department of General Surgery of the Samarkand State Medical Institute was created in 1932 on the basis of the surgical department of the republican hospital and Professor A.A. Kozyrev was appointed head of the department. In 1997, the department of general, faculty and hospital surgery of SamMI was united, and the department of surgery No. 1 was created. In 2004, the Department of General Surgery was allocated, and as a base it was located in the Department of Proctology of the 1st clinic of SamMI. 2004-2009 the department was headed by professor B.K. Rasulov. Since 2017, he has been the head of the department Sherbekov U.A. was in charge.


  Responsible for the spiritual and educational work of the department is K.U. Sherkulov. Provides students and staff with detailed information from the "Information Hour Materials" and is held at the department for students of the Institute once a week.

  The curators and groups attached to them are listed. The curatorial groups under the guidance of the department staff visited the historical monuments of our city. Excursions to the complexes of I.A. Karimov, Guri-Amir, Registan, Al-Bukhari.


- General surgery for medical, medical and pedagogical, medical prevention and pediatrics faculties (3rd year),
- Nursing in surgery for students of the Faculty of Higher Nursing (2nd year),
- Introduction to the medical profession for the medical, medical-pedagogical, dental and pediatric faculties (1st year),
- Surgery for students of the Faculty of Higher Nursing (3rd year),
- General surgery for students of the Faculty of Dentistry (3rd year)

Published tutorials

Surgical infection

Surgical operation

Pain relief

Surgical operation


-Dusiyarov M.M. on the topic: "New technologies for the prevention of adhesions in thoraco-abdominal surgery";
- Saydullaev Z.Ya. on the topic: " Improvement of surgical treatment of patients with acute destructive cholecystitis";
-Yunusov O.T. on the topic: "Violations of hemostasis in severely burned people and the effect of surgical treatment" carry out initial research work.