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Department of Hematology

Reception time: Monday - Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Address: Samarkand city, Mirzo Ulugbek street, 70

Kafedra a'zolari

F.I.SH Lavozimi
Abdiyev Kattabek Maxmatovich Candidate of Medical Sciences
Madasheva Anajon Gazxonovna Head teacher
Mamatqulova Feruza Xaydarovna Teacher
Ruziboyeva Oyjamol Narzullayevna Teacher
Uralov Rustam Sherbek o’g’li Teacher
Shomirzayev Xudoyor Maxmudovich Compatible teacher
Yigitov Akmal O’ktamovich Compatible teacheri

History Department of Hematology

  Samarkand State Medical Institute, Department of Hematology
  In 1985, a course of hematology and laboratory work was organized within the medical faculty of SamMI. Associate Professor of Biochemistry AM Rasulov was appointed head of the course. O.D.Dadajonov, M.O.Adilov and Y.G.Novikova were selected as course assistants on a competitive basis.
  Course base The hematology department of the Samarkand regional hospital with 60 beds was selected. In 1986, the course became part of the Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Medicine. In 1987, in order to expand the department, the course was shortened. In 1989, the course was resumed. O.D. Dadajonov was appointed as the head of the course and was appointed on a competitive basis.
  Competitive Assistants: t.f.n. Abdiev.K.M, Yigitov.A.Oʼ, F.T.Yusupova were elected. In 1996, the course was suspended in order to expand the departments. In March 1999, the course of hematology was reopened within the Faculty of Pediatrics. Associate Professor O'Dadajonov has been appointed the head of the course.According to the competition, assistants to the elected candidates of medical sciences. Abdiev K.M., Yigitov A.U, F.T. Yusupov. In 1996, again with the aim of uniting the departments, the hematology course was disbanded. In November 1999, the course of hematology was again organized as part of the pediatric faculty. Associate Professor U.D, Dadajanov was appointed as the head of the course. Candidate of medical sciences were elected assistants in the competition. Abdiev K.M., O. G. Madasheva. During these years, the direction of scientific work on the topic "Etiopathogenesis, traditional and non-traditional methods of treatment of hemorrhagic microthrombovasculitis." During this period, the course staff published 70 scientific papers, 3 rationalization proposals, received 2 patent inventions, 6 educational methodological manual. On the course in the specialty "Clinical Hematology and Transfusiology", clinical residency is finally over 12 doctors who work in various institutions of Uzbekistan In order to improve the sanitary and hygienic conditions of the classrooms, in 2015 the hematology course was transferred to the therapeutic department of the SamMI clinic No. 1, where a hematology department with 15 beds was organized, 5 classrooms, a lecture hall, and an extracorporeal therapy ward were allocated. During this period, the laboratory assistant was reduced. At present, on the initiative of the rector of SamMI, Professor J.A. Rizayev the course of hematology was transformed into the department of hematology. A base has been restored on the territory of the Samarkand Regional United Center of Medicine - a hematological center where three study rooms have been allocated and equipped in a short time, a platform-module on hematology and military field therapy in the Uzbek (Latin alphabet), Russian and English languages (for foreign students), for students III, IV courses of medical, pediatric, medical pedagogy, faculties.
  In connection with the organization of the department, masters-therapists were recruited as a trainee-assistant: Uralov R.Sh, Ruzibaeva O.N, and as a part-time job at 0.5 rates, doctors of hematology of the highest category A.U. Yigitov and Kh.M. Shomirzaev.
  In connection with the transformation of the course to the department, the following were admitted to the department: trainees assistants, master therapists - Uralov R.Sh. and Ruziboeva O.N. at 0.5 rate, as well as hematologists of the highest category Yigitov A.U. and Shomirzaev Kh.M.
  Distribution of responsibilities of the Department of Hematology:
1. Dadajanov Utkur Dadajanovich. Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Hematologist of the Highest Category,   Head of the Department, General Management.
2. Abdiev Kattabek Makhmatovich, Candidate of Medical Sciences, associate professor, hematologist of the highest category - responsible for medical work and spiritual and educational work.
3. Madasheva Anazhon Gazkhanovna, 1964 year old, head teacher, responsible for scientific work and research work of the department. 1 bet.
4. Mamatkulova Feruza Haydarovna, assistant, responsible for educational work.
5. Uralov Rustam Sherbekovich. Master therapist, trainee assistant 0.5 rate. Moderator of the department.
6. Ruziboeva Oyjamol Narzullayevna. Master therapist, trainee assistant 0.5 rate.
7. Dadajanov Uktam Utkurovich 1979 year of birth, head of the methodological office, 1.0 rate.
  In the 2020-2021 academic year, 2 masters were accepted on the basis of:
Also, 3 clinical residents were admitted on a budgetary basis:
A 2-year clinical intern Shakhnoza Yusupova continues her studies at the department.
  Scientific directions of the department on the topic: Congenital and acquired hemorrhagic diathesis. Head of the Department of Hematology Dadajanov Utkur Dadajonovich, born in 1947, organizer of the course and department. Tajik by nationality, non-partisan, hematologist of the highest category, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor. Graduated from SamSMI 1971. Passed primary specialization in hematology at the Department of Hematology and Transfusiology. TashGIDUV 1972. Later, he improved the departments of the same name of hematology. Moscow and Leningrad. He published more than 100 scientific papers, received 3 rationalization proposals, 3 patents for an invention. He was awarded the badge of the excellent worker of civil defense of the USSR, and the badge of an excellent health worker of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the jubilee medal of 15 years of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, diplomas of the republican choyuz of medical workers of the Samarkand regional khokimiyat, the administration of SamSMI


  Crying that will continue with the opening of the 2019-2020 school year. The meeting was chaired by Professor E.S. Toirov took it. 1st Department of Internal Admission, Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Conditions, around the course of Hematology and 3rd-5th year students participated

Hematology course staff and 5th year medical faculty students in the "Information Hour" and morning conference

  Hematology course associate professor K.M. Open lesson with 5th year students of the medical faculty with the participation of Abdiev. Topic: "Acute and chronic leukemia." October 19, 2019.

Open classes with 5th year students


Scientific works

Monograph, textbook, methodical recommendations.



Gemorragik sindromni qiyosiy tashxislash

Textbook for V-VI courses of medical higher education institutions. Samarkand 2014. 43 pages.

U.D. Dadajanov,
M.Sh. Fazliyev


Yarador va jaroxatlanganlarda ichki a’zolar kasalliklari

Curriculum guidelines for out-of-class use by masters and clinical residents of medical higher education institutions. Samarkand 2019. 20 pages.

U.D. Dadajanov,
A.G. Madasheva,
F.X. Mamatqulova


Tilning anomaliyalari va mustaqil kasalliklari. Surunkali qaytalanadigan aftozli stomatit va uning turli shakllari, klinikasi, qiyosiy tashxisi, davolash

Educational-methodical recommendation for the user in the use of the audience of masters and clinical residents of medical higher education procedures. Samarkand 2019. 20 pages.

U.D. Dadajanov,
A.G. Madasheva,
U.U. Dadajanov



Curriculum guidelines for out-of-class use by masters and clinical residents of medical higher education institutions. Samarkand 2019. 12 pages.

A.G. Madasheva,
U.D. Dadajanov,
F.X. Mamatqulova


Og’iz bo’shlig’I shilliq qavatlarining me’da-ichak trakti, yurak qon-tomir kasalliklarida o’zgarishlari va lablar qizil xoshiyasi shilliq qavatlarining saraton oldi kasalliklari.

Methodological application of medical higher education for masters and clinical residents. Samarkand 2019. 20 pages.

U.D. Dadajanov,A.G. Madasheva,
U.U. Dadajanov


Og’iz bo’shlig’I shilliq qavatining endokrin tizimi, biriktiruvchi to’qimaning, qon yaratish tizimi kasalliklarida o’zgarishlari.

Methodological application of medical higher education for masters and clinical residents. Samarkand 2019. 16 pages.

U.D. Dadajanov,
A.G. Madasheva,
U.U. Dadajanov


  Senior Lecturer Madasheva A.G. is about to complete her postgraduate dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on the topic: «Клинико-функциональные особенности патологии мышечной системы у больных гемофилией А и В и пути её коррекции»