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Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Makhmudova Aziza Nugmanovna

Head of Department

Time of receipt: Monday-Saturday: 14: 00-15: 00
Tel: (+99891) 5305445
E-mail: rustamovamaxmudova@bk.ru
Address: Samarkand, st. G. Jamshid 31


FULL NAME. Position held
G‘offorov Shokir Safarovich Doctor of History, Professor
Halimbetov Yusup Masharipovich Ph.D., associate professor
Sadikova Yorkinoy Salijanovna Ph.D., acting docent
Muminova Zarifa Odilovna PhD, Senior Lecturer
Yuldasheva Dilorom Yuldashevna Senior Lecturer
Majidov Sherzod Farhadovich Senior Lecturer
Mahmudov Sobir Hudoyberdievich Teacher
Abdumajidova Hamida Teacher
Amirdinov Jahongir Abdumajidovich Teacher
Tursunova Gavhar Bekmuradovna Assistant trainee
Usmanova Laylo Rahmatullaevna Assistant trainee
Turaeva Dildora Shuhratovna Assistant trainee
Umurov Sharif Radjabovich Assistant trainee
Suyunova Kamilla Bahramovna Assistant trainee
Artikova Shohida Ilyasovna Assistant trainee
Ergashev Anvar Ramazanovich Assistant trainee


  The Department of Social and Humanitarian Sciences is almost the same age as the Samarkand Medical Institute and, having been active since the 1930s, together with professors and teachers of medical departments, passed all the historical periods of the institute
  Until 1936, social sciences were taught without a separate department. In 1936, the Department of Social and Economic Sciences was established. Its first head was Associate Professor I.M. Professor N. Larin, associate professor Valiev and teacher Shakirov A. also worked at the department. In 1939 the department was renamed into the department of social sciences, on the basis of which 3 new departments were formed in 1965. In 1939-1942. the department was headed by Assoc. Mishin V.I. In 1946-1947. - teacher Strelkova M.S. In 1959 she defended her Ph.D. thesis and received an associate professor.
In 1947-1951. the department was headed by Assoc. Zakharov S.M.
In 1951-1954 - Assoc. Muratov N.M.
In 1955-1957 - Assoc. Abdullaev H.
in 1965, 3 new departments were organized on this basis:
1. Department of Philosophy (Associate Professor A. Akhtamov);
2. Department of History (associate professor Abdusattarov GS);
3. Department of Political Economy (Assoc. Abdurazakov N.Yu.).
  The number of teaching staff has also increased. If in 1936 there were 4 teachers, in 1965 there were 12 teachers, then in 1978-1979. already 23 teachers.
  After achieving independence, since 1995, the departments were again merged into a single department of social sciences.

 A significant contribution to the development of the department was made by professors A.A. Akhtamov, G.S. Abdusattorov, F.S. Soleeva, M.M. Mukhammedov, associate professors L.N. Dzhuraev, Yu.M. Khalimbetov, senior lecturer Sh.F. Mazhidov, Ph.D. H.Yu. Salamova, Ph.D., Associate Professor Y.S. Sadikov, as well as in charge of the courses of the department (in 2007-2011): economic theory - Assoc. M.Zh. Zhamolov and philosophy - senior teacher D.Yu. Yuldasheva.

  Since October 2019, the department is headed by A.N. Makhmudova.


  Caring for the younger generation, striving to bring up a healthy, harmoniously developed person is one of the features of the national character of the Uzbek people. Therefore, spiritual and educational work is the most important area of activity of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine and Traditional Medicine. Spiritual and educational work at the department is carried out according to a continuously compiled and approved plan. This work is coordinated and organized by the responsible teacher Umurov Sh.
  At the department, work among students and faculty is carried out:
• with the aim of increasing and improving the spiritual and ideological qualities of the individual and universal and national principles based on works and speeches of President Sh.M. Mirziyoyev, Decrees, Resolutions of the Oliy Majlis and the Cabinet of   Ministers, local governing bodies concerning the upbringing of a harmoniously developed generation;
• explanation of the creative work carried out in the republic to reform the country;
• on the formation of a philosophy of a healthy lifestyle among students;
• to improve political and legal culture among students;
• on timely delivery of information to students about social, political and creative events taking place in the world and in the country;
• on the formation of a healthy spiritual atmosphere among students;
• on organizing students' leisure, organizing various hobby groups in accordance with the subjects taught at the department.

Photo album from the life of the spiritual and educational work of the department ...


  The Department of Social and Humanitarian Sciences conducts classes for all students of the faculty of our institute. The department teaches such subjects as: Philosophy, History of Uzbekistan, Strategy for the development of actions in Uzbekistan. Civil society, Pharmaceutical Law and Bioethics, History of medicine. To date, the professors and teachers of the department have published 2 textbooks, 4 textbooks and 4 educational guidelines.
  List of published tutorials

1. Bioethics. (in Russian) \\ Mukhammedova Z.M., Rizaev Zh.A., Makhmudova A.N. Tashkent 2021

2. Bioethics. (in Uzbek) \\ Mukhammedova Z.M., Rizaev Zh.A., Makhmudova A.N. Tashkent 2021

  Research work
  The research work of the department is carried out in the areas of educating the younger generation in the spirit of devotion to the ideas of independence, the formation of the legal culture of youth, philosophical problems of modern medical science, various aspects of the history of statehood in Uzbekistan.

  All employees of the departments are actively involved in the research work of the department and the institute. Currently, 7 employees are independent applicants for basic doctoral studies ( Mazhidov Sh.F., Makhmudov S.Kh., Abdumazhidova Kh., Amirdinov Zh., Tursunova G., Umurov Sh., Turaeva D.), and 2 employees (Suyunova K., Artikova Sh.) Are simultaneously trained in basic doctoral studies.

  Over the past 5 years, the staff of the department has published more than 300 scientific works, including 5 teaching aids, 4 monograph, 9 electronic programs, more than 100 articles in leading republican and international journals.

Teaching aids for the staff of the department


Title of the monograph


Khalimbetov Yu.M., Gofforov Sh.S.

The ultimate goal of the educational process is the formation of the younger generation and highly qualified personnel


Makhmudova A.N.,

Problems of preventing corruption in higher education


Makhmudova A.N.,

Majidov Sh.

Glossary of terms related to lawmaking activities


Sadikova Yo.S.

The role of democratic values in the formation of legal consciousness


Yuldasheva D.Yu.

Current problems of applied philosophy


Majidov Sh.

Kurbonov Sh.

Use of historical terms in the teaching process

Transferred to electronic programs, developed by the staff of the department


Name of electronic programs


Makhmudova A.N.

Electronic program on the topic "Social and legal control in the legal socialization of the individual in civil society"

DGU No. 08858

Date of receipt 4.08.2020

DGU Application No. 2020 1322


Makhmudova A.N.

Mazhidov Sh.F.

A program to determine the impact of ethnopolitical problems on social relations in society

DGU no. 08857

Date of receipt 03.08.

DGU Application No. 2020 1321


Makhmudova A.N.

Israilova S.B.

Khakimova H.

Naimova Z.

Baratova R. Sh

Historical and modern aspects of philosophical, religious and ethical traditions in medicine

DGU No. 09116

Date of receipt 09/14/2020

DGU Application No. 2020 1548


Makhmudova A.

Garifulina L.M.

Sadikova Y.S.

Israilova S.B.

Yuldashev S.Zh.

Legal framework for combating corruption in the system высшего education

DGU No. 65916

Date of receipt 13.11.

DGU Application No. 2020 2132


Makhmudova A.

Amriddinov J.

Umurov Sh.

Valieva S.Sh.

Yuldashev S.J.

The program of formation of citizenship and patriotism in students in the conditions of modern higher education

№ DGU 11493

03.05.2021, № DGU 2021 1418


Makhmudova A.

Yarmuxammedova N.A.

Sadikova Yo.S.

Maxmudov S.

Valieva S.Sh.

Isroilova S.B.

Program for raising the legal awareness and legal culture of students in modern civil society (at the first Samarkand State Medical Institute)

№ DGU 11491

03.05.2021, № DGU 2021 1419


Tursunova G.B.

Amirdinov J.

Ravshanov Sh.

Tests on the subject of history of Uzbekistan on the policy of resettlement of the Soviet government in Uzbekistan in 1925-1991 and its impact on the socio-economic and cultural life of the country № DGU 12259 24.07.2021



  Almost every department has unusual, even magical organizational structures, where students feel amazingly free, where they can discuss the most daring hypotheses and proposals, freely express their opinions, argue, defend their point of view not only among themselves, but also in front of teachers , venerable scientists and practitioners. The most striking thing is that the activity and effectiveness of a student scientific circle depends solely on the activity and ingenuity of its members. This structure is also amazing in that it is always young, usually full of extraordinary ideas and suggestions, where the ideas of the participants can be translated into practice and become theirs or maybe your guiding star for life. The structure is constantly self-renewing - some choose the scientific circle of the department and come, actively participate in its work, while others, believing that they got what they wanted, leave. Or they leave because the "student age" is very short-lived. Six years pass and goodbye "Alma mater"! teachers of the Department of Social and Humanities say: “Let's work together for this perspective! Come to our scientific student circle! "

Briefly about the circle...

  Research work of students at the Department of Social and Humanitarian Sciences is carried out through meetings of the student scientific circle called "Yosh Manaviyatchilar", as well as through the organization, conducting separate sections within the framework of international and university student scientific and practical conferences held at the Samarkand State Medical Institute , as well as through the preparation of student research papers on topical problems of social and humanitarian knowledge, philosophical, methodological and bioethical problems of modern medicine for republican and university competitions of student research papers.

  All students interested in social and humanitarian problems of medical knowledge and activities, the department, motivating the achievements of the members of the circle, invites to cooperation.

  The responsible leader for the activities of the circle is the teacher Suyunova Kamilla Bahramovna, today she is a basic doctoral student, as well as the author of more than 100 scientific papers.

  The headman of the junior school circle: F. Olimjonova, 2nd year student of the medical and pedagogical faculty, author and co-author of 30 scientific papers, winner of a 1st degree diploma in the competition "We are against corruption", holder of the rector's scholarship.

  Head of the senior circle: Valieva Sadokat, 6th year student of the Faculty of Pediatric, author and co-author of 42 scientific papers, holder of 15 diplomas, 20 certificates, 4 honorary diplomas, 2 letters of thanks, scholarship holder of the "rector's scholarship" and the scholarship "Islam Karimova".

Research work of students at the Department of Social and Humanitarian Sciences is carried out in the following areas::

1.The role of youth in the formation of a strong civil society in Uzbekistan.

Sci. leaders:

Makhmudova Aziza Nugmanovna - head of the department;

Mazhidov Sherzod Farkhadovich - senior teacher;

Usmanova L. - trainee assistant.

2.The role of the humanities in teaching medical students.

Sci. leaders:

Makhmudov Sobir Khudoyberdievich - teacher;

Turaeva D. - trainee assistant.

3.Philosophy and methodology of medicine.

Sci. leaders:

Makhmudova Aziza Nugmanovna - head of the department

Abdumazhidova Hamida - assistant of the department.

4.The rule of law is an important factor in the development of civil society

Sci. leaders:

Halimbetov Yusup Masharipovich - Ph.D., Associate Professor.

Makhmudova Aziza Nugmanovna - head of the department

Umurov Sh. - trainee assistant.

5.Development of the health care system in independent Uzbekistan

Sci. leaders:

Makhmudova Aziza Nugmanovna - head of the department

Suyunova Kamilla Bakhromovna - assistant of the department;

6. Implementation of five initiatives of the President, creation of conditions for the upbringing and education of youth.

Sci. leaders:

Tursunova Gavkhar - assistant of the department,

Amirdinov Jakhongir - assistant of the department