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Department of Informatics and Information Technology

Malikov Murod
Headofthe Department

Receptionhours: Monday – Saturdaytimeuntil 15:00
Tel: +998915555837
E-mail: malikovmurod55 @mail.ru
Address: The building of the academic lyceum at the Samarkand State Medical Institute

List of department employees

Full name Position
UrakovShokir teacher
Vohidov Alikul teacher
Bahramov Rustam teacher
Nematov Nizom teacher
Abdullaeva Sanobar teacher
Rustamov Abror teacher
Тохирова Фарида teacher
Nabieva Sevara teacher
Kubaev Asliddin teacher
Axmedov Odilbek teacher


  On the basis of the order of the rector of SamGMI 30-U dated January 19, 2005 from the Department of Biophysics, Informatics and Information Technologies, the Department of Informatics and Information Technologies was allocated and its head was appointed Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Safarov T.S.
  In connection with the reduction in the number of departments by order 73-U of February 18, 2005, the department of "Biological and medical physics, medical technology, new medical technologies" was included in the form of a course and the department became known as "Biophysics, Informatics and Information Technologies". The head of the department was appointed doctor of technical sciences, prof. Safarov TS, Head of the Course Assoc. Sodikov N.O. In 2015, from January 2, the head of the department was appointed candidate of physical and mathematical sciences. Malikov M.R .. To improve the quality of teaching, by order of the rector 543 / AF of July 3, 2020, the departments were divided and the current department was named the Department of Informatics and Information Technologies.


  At the department, work is well organized to improve the moral and spiritual and moral level of professors and teachers. In this regard, every Thursday at 8:30 am "Information and mentoring hours" are held in the lecture hall of the department, the head of spiritual and educational work conducts classes with students, alternately teachers give lectures on spirituality under the guidance of M.R. Malikov. At these meetings, teachers and students express their opinions on a given topic.

  During the event, shooting or photography is carried out and this data is saved in folders on the computer. Sometimes mentors give their own spirituality lessons in groups and write them down in their group notebooks.

 In addition, the mentors, together with the groups attached to them, travel to the historical monuments of the city, photograph and place them in the group's album. Our spiritual and educational work is well organized. Various training and professional development courses organized by the Ministry for teachers in order to acquire modern spiritual knowledge and skills are also held according to the schedule.

The following teachers work at the department, divided into groups for the 2020-2021 academic year:

1. Group 401-402 Faculty of Medical and Pedagogical Education Bakhramov R.R.
2. Group 403-407 Faculty of medical and pedagogical education Kubaev A.E.
3. 404-405-group Faculty of Medical and Pedagogical Education Nematov N.I.
4. Group 406-408 Faculty of medical and pedagogical education Tokhirova F.O.
5. Group 106-107 Faculty of medical and pedagogical education Nabieva S.S.




1 Informaticsandinformationtechnology

Safarov T.S.


Bakhramov R.R.

2 Modeling and research of the process of making medical diagnostic decisions based on hybrid technology

Safarov T.S.

Urakov Sh.U.


  Today, the teachers of the department carry out scientific and methodological work in conjunction with the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, the Samarkand branch of TUIT, the Samarkand State University. In particular, the department conducts research on methods of processing medical data, the creation of an automated consulting system for medical diagnostics.