Department of Obstetrics and gynecology No. 1
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Department of Obstetrics and gynecology No. 1

Head of the Department, MD, assistant professor

Time of reception: Monday-Saturday 08 а.m.-14 p.m.
Tel: (91) 537-14-38
Аddress: Samarkand, Ankabay str,6

Employees of the department of obstetrics and gynecology No. 1

Full name Position
Khudoyarova D.R. Head of the Department, MD, assistant professor
Zokirova N.I. Professor
Zokirova F.I. Assistant professor
Karimova G.S. Assistant
Kurbaniyazova V.E. Assistant
Kamalova D.D. Assistant
Khasanova D.A. Assistant
Khomidova Sh.M. Assistant
Askarova F.Q. Assistant
Mamasoliyeva N.A. Assistant
Shavazi N.N. PhD, Assistant
Todjiyeva N.I. Assistant
Tilyavova S.A. Trainee assistant
Bazarova Z.Z. Trainee assistant
Khamrayeva L.Q. Part-time associate Professor
Ibragimov B.F. Part-time associate Professor
Eltazarova G.Sh. Assistant professor
Azimova K.I. Assistant
Isroilova G.P. Assistant
Vafayeva I.M. Assistant
Azimova D.A. Assistant
Nazarova N.A. Assistant
Amonova M.F. Assistant
Atayeva F.N. Assistant
Fozilova M.O. Assistant
Tugizova D.I. Assistant
Indiaminova G.N. Assistant
Ablakulova Sh.D. Assistant
Oripova A.F. Trainee assistant
Tangirova Y. Assistant


  The Department of obstetrics and gynecology of the medical faculty was established in 1932. Until 1942, the head of the Department was A.V. Polyakov. During this period, employees of the Department were engaged in improving methods of surgical delivery, prevention of eclampsia, uterine ruptures, treatment of tuberculosis, malaria in pregnant women (A.V. Polyakov, R. S. Mirsagatova, 1935, etc.). during this time, under his leadership, E. S. Akopyan defended his PhD thesis in 1937 and his doctorate in 1941.
  In the period from 1942 to 1949, the Department was headed by Yervan Sergeevich Akopyan. He supervised the PhD thesis of A.D. Stepanova.
  In 1949, Yevgenia Iosifovna Ioffe-Golubchik was elected head of the Department and headed the Department until 1959. Under her supervision, I. Z. Zakirov (1953), Z. M. Rasuli (1957), V. F. Farhadi (1957), M. A. Nabieva (1958), and A. H. Abramova (1958) defended their PhD thesis.
  In 1959, candidate of medical Sciences I. Z. Zakirov was appointed head of the Department and headed the Department until 1999, that is, for 40 years.
  In the early sixties, the main scientific research of the Department was devoted to the topic of pregnancy and childbirth in women with Botkin's disease. At the initiative of I. Z. Zakirov, for the first time in the former Soviet Union, a specialized Department for the treatment of pregnant women suffering from viral hepatitis was opened in the hospital for infectious diseases. In 1965, he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic " the Effect of Botkin's disease on pregnancy, fetus and child”, continuing research in this Department. In 1967, I. Z. Zakirov was awarded the academic title of Professor. These fundamental studies were continued by graduate students and teachers of the Department. Problems of this topic I. Z. Zakirov and employees of the Department D. Z. Shokirov, L. M., Mardanov, thoroughly studied and in 1979 published the monograph “Pregnancy and rheumatism". Since the 1960s, the attention of the Department's staff began to attract the topic of gestosis, which at that time was one of the least studied topics. I. Z. Zakirov, R. M. Khaitov, F. Yu.Garib expanded scientific research on this topic by publishing a monograph on the results of immunological studies in this disease. During the leadership of I. Z. Zakirov conducted scientific research on important problems of obstetrics, namely: pregnancy and anemia, trophoblastic diseases, premature birth, premature detachment of the normally located placenta, septic inflammation in obstetrics, caesarean section, narrow pelvis, obstetric bleeding, perinatal pathologies and gynecological diseases, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, uterine fibromyoma, ovarian tumors, and many other topics. Over the past 40 years under the leadership of I. Z. Zakirova at the Department created a Mature scientific, practical and pedagogical school that meets modern obstetric requirements. As a result of a comprehensive study of the Department staff under The guidance of I. Z. Zakirov, 52 candidate and 5 doctoral theses were defended. In 1995, I. Z. Zakirov was elected an academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  Since October 1999, associate Professor N. I. Zakirova was elected head of the Department. Under the guidance of N. I. Zakirova, 5 PhD theses were defended. She has published more than 270 scientific articles in Uzbek and foreign publications. About 46 recommendations were published.
  The Department's staff conducted research and practical work in collaboration with FIGO, EIGO, USAID, AUCC, IAPIEGO and several research institutes.
  Since 1942, the student scientific Council has been functioning in Sammi. Different experienced scientists worked as its head at different times. In 1956, Prof. L. p. Lapin, in 1957-1963, N. I. Medvedev, in 1963-1965, I. Z. Zakirov, in 1965-1966, P. Karlenko, in 1966-1973, P. Z. Zavesa, 1973-1975, A. I. Britun, in 1975-1978, V. A. Blinov, 1978-1979, S. P. Sadykov, in 1979-1985, G. S. Vafakulova. In recent years, the student scientific circle was led by an experienced teacher, a wonderful teacher, associate Professor Melikulov Kh. M. in 1999-2017, he headed the Department.
  At the Department, doctor of medical Sciences N. I. Zakirova jointly continued research on topical issues of obstetrics and gynecology. Assistant
  I. J.Dzhumaev on the topic "Antenatal development of multiple pregnancies and the results of childbirth", PhD student Sadykova N. N. completed her dissertation on "Pregnancy and childbirth in women who have undergone cesarean section".
The Department has introduced new teaching methods into the educational process.
  Specialists of the Department successfully work in the field of obstetric and gynecological services in developed foreign countries. In particular, Alekseyeva A.V. and Rustamov O. S. are among the few Uzbek doctors working in the most developed country in the UK.
  In 2003, an international scientific and practical conference was held in connection with the 75th anniversary of academician Islam Zakirov. The conference was organized by the head of the Department, doctor of medical Sciences Zakirova N. I., as well as the efforts of the Department staff. It was attended by scientists from the Commonwealth and foreign countries and domestic medical institutes.
  Since 2018, head of the Department of obstetrics and gynecology No. 1, MD Khudoyarova Dildora Rakhimovna. She has written 6 teaching AIDS, 6 manuals, and more than 60 scientific articles. Author of 2 scientific inventions, 2 patents. Awarded the Diploma of the winner of II Republican competition “Improving the quality of health services in remote regions of Uzbekistan” innovative project was voted the winner of the II Republican contest of the women's Committee of Uzbekistan “100 best innovative projects of women of Uzbekistan".
  To date, the Department has 10 masters. The educational process at the Department of obstetrics and gynecology No. 1 of the Samarkand state medical Institute is carried out in the platform system This training system was created in order to improve the quality of higher education in the Republic of Uzbekistan and integrate it into European and world education in accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated may 27, 2016 no.EO-2534.
  In order to increase the scientific potential of the Department's staff, conferences were organized with the participation of foreign scientists to participate in international conferences and specialists of obstetricians and gynecologists. On may 6, 2019, the international conference "Topical issues of obstetrics and gynecology: problems and solutions"was held in the small hall of Sammi. The guest of seminar, honored doctor of the Russian Federation, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, head of Department of obstetrics and gynecology, Russian research medical University named after Pirogov M. D., Professor Dobrohotova Yu. E. and head of the Department of hospital surgery of the faculty of Pediatrics, doctor of medical Sciences, prof. A. A. Shchegolev.

Left to right: Yusupov S. A., Dobrokhotova Yu. E., Shamsiev A. M., A. A. Schegolev, D. R. Khudoyarova


  At the Department, spiritual and educational work is carried out according to the plan approved by the Vice-rector of the Institute for spiritual and educational work. The Department has a room of spirituality, symbols of Uzbekistan and portraits of President Mirziyoyev Sh. M.. Every Thursday, the responsible assistant of the Department S. A. Tilyavova, led by the Department staff and students, conducts spiritual and educational hours.
  The Department has its own curatorial groups, and all curators of groups regularly meet with students attached to them. They hold meetings with homeowners where students live. In addition, in order to maintain fire safety during the winter season, security measures are taken for the use of electricity and natural gas. During the winter holidays, in order to ensure the safety of students coming from other regions and districts, organizational events are held. All group curators have their own work plan, meeting minutes, and albums.

Ass. Kamalova D. D. with her curatorial group at the Department of Obstetrics and gynecology No. 1


  The Department conducts educational and methodological work based on the plan. The scientific potential of -20%. List of monographs, teaching AIDS published at the Department of obstetrics and gynecology No. 1 for 2018-2020:

Full name


1 Eltazarova G.Sh. The course of gestation against the background of infection and consequences (monograph)
2 Eltazarova G.Sh. Infections occurring during reproductive age and the role of HIV / AIDS as well as pregnancy complications (training manual)
3 Eltazarova G.Sh. Bleeding in the first and second half of pregnancy, as well as in the postpartum period (training manual)
4 Azimova K.I.,Juraeva G.E.,Indiaminova G.N., Safarova L.А. State of the problem of endometriosis in gynecological practice (training manual)
5 Indiaminova G.N.,Juraeva G.E.,Azimova K.I.,Tugizova D.I. Modern aspects of the problem of infertility (training manual)
6 Shavazi N.N. Method for predicting premature rupture of fetal membranes (methodological recommendation)
7 Xudoyarova D.R., Todjiyeva N.I., Azimova K.I., Kobilova Z.A., Nazarova N.A. “Fetal position and incorrect fetal position” (study guide)


  The Department pays special attention to research work, and our young scientists are taking further steps to conduct research. Department assistants publish their articles and theses in OAK, Google scholar, and Scopus journals and are awarded certificates and diplomas.In 2020-57 articles, of which in the Republic: in journals—12, in conferences-2; abroad: in journals-18, at conferences-19. 6 in journals included in the database Scopus and Web of Science.
  Doctoral student of the Department Shavazi N. N. on August 7 of this year, majoring in Obstetrics and gynecology (14.00.01), defended her dissertation on the topic “Prediction and prevention of premature development of amniotic fluid in premature pregnancy” and received a PhD degree. Currently, the Department's assistants conduct research to obtain 1 DSc and 7 PhD. In addition, the Department of obstetrics and gynecology No. 1 has developed and implemented the following innovation proposals and computer programs:


The name of the inventions, patents, computer programs, technical innovations

1 Khudoyarova D.R., Тilyavova S.А., Djurabekova S.Т., Коbilova Z.А., Shopulotov Sh.А. Program for improving the teaching of the subject "Obstetrics and gynecology" in medical universities based on gamification
(Computer program)
2 Shavazi N.N. "The use of obstetric "Pessary" for the prevention of preterm birth"(Innovation proposal)
3 Shavazi N.N. "Algorithm for predicting premature birth and premature discharge of amniotic fluid"
(Innovation proposal)
4 Ibragimov B.F., Khudoyarova D.R., Аgababyan L.R., Коbilova Z.А. "Program for choosing infertility treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome"
(computer program)
5 Khudoyarova D.R., Тilyavova S.А. "Program for improving the diagnosis of" overactive bladder syndrome or urinary incontinence "
(computer program)