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Department of Dentistry

Head of the Department,DSc

Time of reception: Monday-Friday 15:00
Phone: +998983013332
E-mail: Dr.jahongir@bk.ru
Address: Tashkent, Yunusab district, farogat str., 5, building No. 30

List of Department employees

Last name, first name Position
Abduvakilov Jaxongir Ubaydullayevich Head of the Department, DSc
Nazarova Nodira Sharipovna Dotsent
Ravshanov Isroil Ravshanovich Assistent
Xasanov Ilxom Xasanovich Assistent
Musayeva Gulchehra Abduxamidovna Assistent

History of the Department

  The course of dentistry was organized in 2005 in the structure of fuv by order No. 92 of the rector of Sammi, Professor Shamsiev A. M. Kholbaev A. was appointed head of the course of dentistry.
A. A. khalbaev worked in this course from April 1, 2005 to February 13, 2017.
Since March 2017, the head of the course was appointed Kholbaev U. A.
from April 24, 2018 to July 1, 2020, Nazarova N. sh.worked as the head of the course.
On July 1, 2020, at the initiative of the rector Sammi Rizaev Zh. a., the course was transformed into the Department of dentistry. Head of the Department was appointed MD of Abduvakhidov Jahangir ubaidullaevich.

Spiritual and educational work

  The Department of dentistry always takes an active part in organizing and conducting events at the Institute of socio-cultural, educational, methodological and scientific nature.
  In order to improve the theoretical and practical knowledge of our employees, ASIA STOM PLUS jointly held master classes on "Modern methods for obtaining cermet coatings" and awarded participants with certificates.
  Employees of the Department Abduvakilov Jahongir ubaydullayevich, Nazarova Nodira Sharipovna, Ravshanov Isroil ravshanovich, Hasanov Ilkhom Hasanovich, Musayeva Gulchehra Abdukhamidovna conduct individual conversations with cadets, demonstrate presentations and videos on interesting and modern topics.
  In their spare time, the teaching staff of the Institute organizes excursions to museums, exhibitions and theaters of the city for cadets, masters and clinical residents, and actively participates in events held by the Institute.

Educational and methodical work

  The staff of the faculty regularly publishes monographs, textbooks, teaching AIDS, guidelines, articles and dissertations.

  1. Nazarova Nodira Sharipovna, Ravshanov Isroil ravshanovich, Musayeva Gulchehra Abdukhamidovna "Periodontitis and methods of their treatment" Samarkand 2018, training manual.

  2. Nazarova Nodira Sharipovna, Ravshanov Isroil ravshanovich, Musayeva Gulchehra Abdukhamidovna " research Methods used in practice based on standards for the diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases”. Samarkand 2018, educational and methodological guide.

  3. Nazarova N. sh. "diseases of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and periodontal diseases in tobacco manufacturers". Samarkand 2020 educational and methodical recommendation.

  4. Nazarova Nodira Sharipovna, Ravshanov Isroil ravshanovich, Musayeva Gulchehra Abdukhamidovna "Diseases occurring in the the mucous membrane of the oral cavity " Samarkand
2018, textbook.


  The Department regularly conducts research on rating assessment. Every year, teachers of the Department are certified and tested for knowledge of a foreign language and information technology.
  Currently, the Department has assistants who conduct their research work:
1. Nazarova N. sh. - research candidate;;
2. Khasanov I. Kh. - scientific candidate.
  Employees of the Department participate in national and international conferences, publish articles and theses in regional, national and international publications.

  Teaching assistants annually prepare cadets for scientific and practical conferences, and have also made numerous presentations in the Republic, countries of the near and far abroad.

  The Department of dentistry operates in the following areas:
Therapeutic dentistry, orthopedic dentistry, surgical dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, dental implantology.