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Department of Oncology

Abdukhalilov Mazhid Mamatkulovich
Head of the Department, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

Reception time: Tuesday 8.30-15.00 Friday 8.30-15.00
Tel: 998937224474

Professorial teaching staff of the department

Surname/Name Position
KHASANOV SHAVKAT RIZAEVICH Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the Department
MINNULLIN IRKIN RASHIDOVICH Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department
КАRIMOVA MAVLUDA NEGMATOVNA Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department
Yuldashev Javlon Assistant teacher
Kuiliev Azizbek Assistant teacher
ТURAEV SUNNAT Assistant teacher
RAKHIMOV NODIR MAKHAMMADIEVICH Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor


  In 1974, on the basis of the Samarkand Oncological Dispensary, an oncology course was founded at the Department of Hospital Surgery of the Samarkand State Medical Institute. Candidate of medical sciences , docent Musaev Tolib Musaevich was appointed head of the course. Also, the course was accepted for the position of assistants: Cand.Sc. (Medicine) Khasanov Sh.R., Cand.Sc. Khutiev Ts.S. and Krasnaya M.G. In 1975, was adopted by ass. Minnullin I.R.
  Since 1976, in connection with the increase in the teaching load, the Department of Oncology was organized and the following employees were hired Cand.Sc. Ravshanov T.R., and Cand.Sc. Khoshimov U.O.
  In 1991, according to a competition, Professor Khasanov Shavkat Rizaevich was appointed to the post of head of the department. At the time of being in charge under his leadership, one doctoral and four master's theses were defended at the department.
  Since 2017, the department is headed by Cand.Sc., Docent Abdukhalilov Majid Mamatkulovich.
  Today, the department has 10 employees: head of the department, docent Abdukhalilov M.M., professor Khasanov M.M., docent Minnullin I.R., docent Karimova M.N., docent Rakhimov N.M., ass. Asatulaev A F., ass. Shakhanova Sh.Sh., ass. Kuliev A.A., ass. Turaev S.R. and ass. Yuldoshev J.A


  Leisure of students is spent in cultural work. One of the main activities of the department is the formation of high moral values among students, fostering interest in professional activity, the need for a healthy lifestyle, attracting students to cultural events of the institute. To carry out these tasks, the department has a curatorial council, the activities of which are carried out according to the approved plan. A curator is assigned to each group of the department, who is appointed from among experienced teachers. Under the guidance of curators, the students of the department actively participate in public events, organize cultural leisure, visit historical monuments and sights of Samarkand, theaters and museums.
  Much attention is paid to physical education and sports. Students of the curatorial groups attend sports sections in swimming, tennis, chess, football, basketball, volleyball, national wrestling, martial arts, athletics, which function on the basis of the sports complex of the institute. They actively participate in both regional and republican sports competitions.
  Spiritual and educational work is carried out on the basis of an approved plan, according to which various events are held dedicated to historical dates, national holidays, sports competitions, etc. Various meetings are held together with the internal affairs bodies, law enforcement agencies, centers of spirituality and other partner organizations.
  Each curator has a work plan, on the basis of which he conducts various activities with the curator group. Each curator has information about each student, and his daily routine. There are also albums and discs that reflect the plots of the events.
  The head of the department and the responsible teacher for spiritual and educational work regularly meet with curators of groups and students. Every Thursday, classes begin with an introduction to the information hour.


  Educational and methodical work at the department is organized in accordance with the educational regulatory documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  According to the regulatory documents, when studying oncology, a student at the department gets acquainted with applied clinical aspects, learns to work on equipment, master research methods, which he will later meet independently in practice.
Practical classes at the department are held throughout the day. 3 hours of practical work, 2 hours of seminar discussion, 1 hour of monitoring student knowledge.
  For the high-quality development of practical clinical skills of students, the department created a simulation training room equipped with modern phantoms, dummies.
  During the educational cycle at the department, students must pass an exam to acquire practical skills.
  Over the years, the staff of the department has developed 15 guidelines, 4 textbooks and 1 monograph for senior students, residents of the magistracy and clinical residents.


  Over the past 3 years, the staff of the department have published 75 scientific papers, of which 60 are articles, mostly in VAK-peer-reviewed journals.

In 2019, the staff of the department defended one doctoral dissertation:

  Rakhimov Nodir Makhammadievich "development of new approaches to diagnostics and treatment of renal cell cancer with metastasis in regional lymph nodes
  At the department under the leadership of MD. Associate professor Rakhimova N.M. is actively engaged in scientific work Shakhanova Shakhnoza Shavkatovna scientific research they have developed 3 patents computer program (DGU), 3 rationalization proposals
  From 2015 to 2020, the staff of the department made presentations at 7 different seminars, forums and conferences in Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. About 50 abstracts were published.
  In our institute, with the participation of the department, 1 international congress was held.
  A cooperation agreement was signed with Russian colleagues in joint research work. The department also cooperates with the RSNPMTSOIR.


  The department actively operates a student scientific circle and a School of Mastery under the guidance of associate professor Abdukhalilov M.M. Within 2 years, 3 students of the 5-6th year of the Faculty of General Medicine and the Faculty of Medical Pedagogy made presentations and published abstracts of reports at the 72-, 73- and 74-scientific student conference of the institute, taking prizes among scientific student circles.
  During these years, there were 7 residents of the magistracy and completed their planned scientific work. Most of these masters got a job in various oncological institutions and continue the scientific work that began during the magistracy. Currently, 7 residents of the magistracy are studying at the department, conducting research within the framework of their dissertations.
  The main directions of scientific work in 2021 will be: expansion of international cooperation, including with universities of the CIS countries; publications in journals with a high impact factor; reports at the leading universities of the republic and international forums; development of student and youth science.