Department of Pathological Anatomy with a section biopsy course
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Department of Pathological Anatomy with a section biopsy course

Khamidova Farida Muinovna

Time of receipt: Tuesday and Wednesday at 15:00.
Tel: +998939988384
Address: Samarkand, st. Ankaboy, 6 1-clinic SamMI, pathological department.

List of department employees

Full name Position
Khamidova Farida Muinovna Head of Department, Associate Professor
Eshkabilov Tura Zhurevich Associate Professor
Abdullaev Bakhtiyor Saidovich Associate Professor
Zhumanov Ziyadulla Eshmamatovich assistent
Urakov Kuvandik Negmatullaevich Assistant
Ismoilov Zhasur Mardonovich Assistant
Amanova Gulafzal Uzbekbaevna Assistant
Yakubov Munis Zokirovich Assistant
Norzhigitov Azamat Musakulovich Assistant
Oripova Ozoda Olimovna Assistant
Bobonazarov Samariddin Daminovich Assistant


  Department of Pathological Anatomy was organized by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 103 dated August 28, 1931. The first head of the department and the organizer of the department was Professor Sergei Fedorovich Tatarenchik. Since 1924 he worked as a dissector in Tashkent and since 1926 as an assistant at the Department of Pathology of the Medical Faculty of SamSU. In 1931 he was awarded the title of professor in the department of pathological anatomy and he was sent to the head of the newly organized department of pathological anatomy at the Samarkand Medical Institute. He worked in this position until 1941.
  To this day, a hypertrophied heart weighing 1000 grams is preserved at the department in the pathological museum. Professor S.F. Tatarenchik. During the period of his leadership, two employees of the department defended their candidate dissertations (V.M. Kopetsky, 1932 and E.N.Semenova, 1935). In 1942-1944, employees of the Department of Pathological Anatomy of the Leningrad Higher Military Medical Academy headed by Academician N.N. Anichkov worked at the department. They worked in close cooperation with the specialists of the SamMI department and, despite the wartime, provided great assistance to the department staff.
  In 1941-1945, the department was headed by Professor Khayutin David Moiseevich. In 1945-1951 and 1958-1968, the Department of Pathological Anatomy of SamMI was headed by Associate Professor Elizaveta Nikolaevna Semenova. During her leadership, two employees defended their candidate dissertations (A.A. Rostovtsev 1963, S.A. Gamiyants 1966). In the period 1951 to 1958, the department was headed by Professor Magrupov Asadullo Ikramovich. He was the first Uzbek professor who defended his doctoral dissertation on pathological anatomy on the theme "Morphology of Zhoylangar encephalitis" under the guidance of famous academicians A.I. Abrikosova and L.I. Smirnov. Under the guidance of Professor A.I. Magrupov 3 employees defended their Ph.D. theses (G.M. Patrusheva 1952, O.M. Azizova 1958 and F.A.Abdukhalikov 1961). In the period 1968 to 1995 - for 27 years, the Department of Pathological Anatomy was permanently headed by Professor Oliya Muminovna Azizova. During the period of heading the department by Professor O.M. Azizova, out of the staff working at the department, 2 doctoral and 9 master's theses were defended. (M.I. Moldavsky 1980 and O.M. Azizova 1981 - doctoral dissertations; D.R. Kuldashev 1969; I.N. Norboev 1970; Zh.B. Akhmetov 1971; V.S.Romanenko 1971; T.Zh. Eshkabilov 1972; O.B. Bobokhodzhaev 1974; D.Yu.Baygildina (Khodzhaeva) 1974; R.S. Budagov 1975; R.K.Boltabaev 1980 - candidate dissertations).
  In 1995-2003, the department was headed by Professor Kuldashev Davlat Rasulovich. During these years, one Ph.D. thesis was defended (Sh.E. Islamov 2001).
  In 2003-2005, the Department of Pathological Anatomy was headed by Associate Professor Tura Zhuraevich Eshkabilov.
  In May 2005, the Department of Pathological Anatomy was merged with the Department of Forensic Medicine and became known as the Department of Forensic Medicine with a course in Pathological Anatomy. Since that time, the department was headed by associate professor Bakhtiyor Saidovich Abdullaev. During the period when the department was headed by associate professor B.S. Abdullaev, one candidate thesis was defended from among the employees of the department (F.M. Khamidova 2011). Since 2015, the department has been headed by Associate Professor Farida Muinovna Khamidova. During this period, 1 Ph.D. thesis was defended (Z.E. Zhumanov 2019).
  Since September 2020, the course of pathological anatomy has separated from the department of forensic medicine and conducts a separate activity as the department of pathological anatomy with a sectional biopsy course.


  The person responsible for the spiritual and educational work of the department regularly took part in the briefing, which is held every Tuesday at the institute and on the basis of the given topics and information, as well as from the media - the television and radio companies "Uzbekistan" and "Yoshlar", "Khalк sozi", "Uzbekiston ovozi ”. Based on additional information received from republican and regional newspapers, such as "Samarkand" and "Information Hour" of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, on Wednesdays with the staff of the department and on Thursdays a week with students, a spiritual and educational hour is held.
  In addition to familiarization with the ongoing reforms in the country, political and economic events, the works of President Sh.M. Mirziyoyev, decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers and meetings of the Oliy Majlis, the content and essence of the adopted laws, as well as detailed information about the events was provided;
- Organization of large-scale propaganda work aimed at informing students about the goals and objectives of the State program "Year of Active Investments and Social Development" in 2019, "Year of Science and Digital Economy Development" in 2020, the content of activities for the implementation of the program, round tables were held with students.

Photo reports from the spiritual and educational hour held on Thursday with curatorial groups

The following works were done with the curatorial groups:

- The curatorial work plan is developed and approved in a timely manner;
-Collected complete information about the students, prepared a CD and an album with information about the curatorial group;
- familiarized with the places of residence and families, conducted interviews;