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Department of Pediatric Dentistry

Chair holder

Raximberdiyev Rustam Abdunosirovich

Reception time: Monday-Saturday hours 9-15:00
Tel: +998902243716
E-mail: Rustamrahimberdiev1962@inbox.ru
Address: Nodirabegim 5/4

List of department members

F.I.SH Position
Obloqulov Ahmad Trainee teacher
Saidmurodova Jamila Trainee teacher
Axrorova Malika Trainee teacher
Indiaminova Gavhar Trainee teacher
Shukurov Sherzod Trainee teacher
Maxmudova Munisa Deputy Assistant
Bayzakova Sitora Deputy Assistant
Arzikulova Munisa Trainee teacher
Yakubova Sarvinoz Trainee teacher
To’qsanboyev Nurmuhammad Trainee teacher


  The course in dentistry was started in 1953 by Associate Professor L.M. Lydia Maksimovna Obukhova was born on May 5, 1898 in the village of Nikolsky, Tashkent district, in a peasant family.

  In 1920, L.M. Obukhova was a student at Central Asian State University, graduating in 1927 with a degree in medicine. Since then, his medical career has been led by Professor P.P. Started as an ordinator of the Faculty of Surgery under Sitkovsky, Lydia Maksimovna was awarded the title of Professor of Plastic Surgery by Professor P.P. He saw Sitkovsky and persuaded him to take a serious interest in maxillofacial surgery and dentistry.
  During World War II, L.M. Obukhova worked at the evacuation hospital No. 3668/69 in Tashkent, first as a department head, then as a leading maxillofacial surgeon and consultant.
  In 1946, L.M. Obukhova returned to teaching at the Surgical Dental Clinic of the Tashkent State Medical Institute, where she defended her dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences and defended her dissertation on the topic:
  After defending his dissertation in 1953, L.M. Obukhova was sent by the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan to Samarkand State Medical Institute as an associate professor to organize a course in dentistry and dental care and worked for 25 years. L.M. He proposed methods of upper lip cheloplasty to eliminate partial and bilateral defects. Filatovbandini
preparation modification, deepidermisization of transplanted clots, subepidermal incision of scars, etc. were developed.
  L.M. Under Obukhova's supervision, 2 candidate dissertations were defended. L.M. Obukhova was the founder of the Samarkand Scientific Society of Dentists, which she headed for 15 years. In June 1978, L.M. Obukhovana retired.

  In 1977, M.M. Musinov has been appointed head of the SamMI dental course. M.M. Musinov was born on December 20, 1925 in Andijan in a working class family. He began his career in 1943 as a teacher of evening courses in Andijan.

  After graduating from the Samarkand Medical Institute in 1952, M.M. Musinov first worked at the institute as a clinical resident, then as an assistant at the Department of Hospital Surgery of SamMI.
  In his work in the field of dentistry, M.M. Musinov graduated in 1954, first as Associate Professor L.M. He has been working as an assistant dentist in the Department of Surgical Dentistry under the auspices of Obukhov, as an assistant in the hospital surgery clinic, and since 1964 as an assistant in the course of dentistry at SamMI. In 1961, M.M. Musinov entered the LIUV graduate school, where he was a corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor A.A. Led by Limberg. On April 13, 1965, M.M. Musinov successfully defended his dissertation on "Age indicators for plastic surgery of lip and palate defects in the general plan of the dispensary service.
  M.M. After Musinov's successful defense, he continued to work as an assistant in the course of dentistry, from February 14, 1973 as an associate professor, and from 1977 until the last days of his life - as the head of the course of dentistry of Samarkand Medical Institute.

  In 1982, A.G. Vorobievskaya was appointed head of the dental course at SamDMI. A.G. Varobievskaya was born on February 16, 1940 in Tashkent in a working class family. After graduating from high school, in 1957 he entered the Tashkent State Medical Institute, Faculty of Dentistry, and in 1962 successfully graduated. From 1962 to 1963 he studied at the City Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Samarkand in the field of surgical dentistry and maxillofacial surgery.

  Since 1964, he has been the Chief Coordinator of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. In addition, he worked as an assistant at the   Department of Hospital Surgery, and since 1969 as an assistant at the course of dentistry SamMI.
  In 1972 he entered the graduate school and in 1974 successfully defended his dissertation.
  In 1982 he became the head of the dental course of Samarkand Medical Institute and in 1986 A.G. Varobievskaya worked as an assistant professor of dentistry. For family reasons, A.G. In 1993, Varobievskaya moved to Voronezh, Russia, where she now works as an associate professor at the Medical Academy in Voronezh.

  Since 1992, SE Kubaev has been appointed head of the dental course at the Samarkand State Medical Institute.

  Kubaev S.E. He was born in 1959 in Ishtikhon district of Samarkand region. In 1982 he graduated from the Tashkent State Medical Institute, Faculty of Dentistry. In 1992 he defended his dissertation. In 2002, he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation at a special council of the Tashkent State Medical Institute.

  Ibragimov D.D. In 2014 he was appointed head of the Department of Dentistry SamMI. Ibragimov D.D. He was born in 1972 in Kushrabot district of Samarkand region. In 1994 he graduated from the Tashkent State Medical Institute, Faculty of Dentistry.

  In 2015, by the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Tashkent State Institute of Dentistry, Samarkand regional branch was opened in Tashkent. The department of surgical dentistry was established on the basis of the branch, Ibragimov DD was appointed the head of the department.
  In 2017, the Samarkand regional branch was again accepted as the Faculty of Dentistry of SamMI. In the same year, the Department of Pediatric Dentistry was established, and RA Rakhimberdiyev was appointed its head.


  The Department of Pediatric Dentistry is always actively involved in the organization and conduct of events at the institute of socio-cultural, educational, methodological and scientific nature.

  Employees of the department Arzikulova M.Sh., Oblokulov AT and Shukurov Sh.Sh. conducts curatorial work with students of 3-4 courses of the Faculty of Dentistry, individual conversations with parents of students in curatorial groups, explanatory work with students on the rules of conduct on the territory of the institute, the culture of dress, healthy lifestyle. They propagandize.


In the process of preventive examination with 5th year students

  In their free time, teachers of the department organize excursions for students to museums, exhibitions and theaters of the city, take an active part in events organized by the institute.


  To date, the department has published 2 textbooks. The first of them is for 3rd year students on "The role of oral hygiene in the prevention of dental diseases in pregnant women and children." The second guide is entitled "Modern means of modern oral hygiene", which includes the most modern oral hygiene. There are also 3 teaching aids and 1 textbook on the eve of the publication of the department.


  The department regularly conducts rating ratings of research. Also, every year the teachers of the department are certified and take tests to determine the level of knowledge of foreign languages and information technology.

Today, the assistants conducting their research work at the department:

Indiaminova G.N.- independent seeker
Yakubova S.R.- independent seeker
Axrorova M.Sh.- doctoral department
Obloqulov A.T.- researcher
Arzikulova M.Sh.- researcher
Shukurov Sh.Sh.- researcher
Saidmurodova J.B- researcher