Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine
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Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine

Garifulina Lilya Maratovna
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

Time of receipt: Monday - Saturday at 15: 00-16: 00
Tel: +998915497971
Address: Samarkand City, A. Ikramova St. , House №9

List of department staff

Full name Position
Garifulina Lilya Maratovna Head of the Department, Candidate of Medical Sciences docent
Rasulov Saidullo Kurbanovich MD, Associate Professor
Kudratova Gulsara Nazhmiddinovna Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor
Ishkabulova Gulchehra Uktamovna Ph.D., assistant
Sanakulov Abdulatif Burhanovich assistant
Khaidarova Khadicha Remizovna assistant
Ashurova Maksuda Jamshedovna assistant
Goyibova Nargiza Salimovna assistant
Turaeva Dilafruz Kholmuradovna assistant
Kholmuradova Zilola Ergashovna assistant


  The department of children's diseases of the medical faculty was organized in 1933 on the basis of the clinical hospital SamMI. Practical doctors were the first heads of the departments. From 1935 to 1950 the department was headed by prof. A.I. Ivanov, from 1950 to 1954 associate professor B.Kh. Karakhodzhaev. 1954-1957 the department was headed by associate professor Mirzamukhammedov M.A., since 1957 the department was again headed by associate professor B.Kh. Karakhodzhaev. 13 Ph.D. theses were defended under the supervision of B.Kh.
  In 1977 associate professor Mamatkulov H.M. was elected head of the department. 1988 the department was headed by associate professor S.K. Abdurakhmanov.
  2000 - 2004 the department merged with the department of pediatrics №1 as a pediatrics course for the medical faculty. In 2004, the restored Department of Pediatrics of the Faculty of General Medicine was headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences Professor T.A. Bobomuratov. In 2009, the head of the department was Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Rasulov Saidullo Kurbanovich.
  From 2014 to the present day the department is headed by the candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Garifulina Lilya Maratovna.
  The teaching staff of the Department of Pediatrics of the Faculty of General Medicine has a wealth of experience in training bachelors, clinical residents, generously transferring the knowledge and skills of a clinician. The educational process at the department is conducted in 4 areas of bachelor's degree: "Medicine", "Professional education", "Dentistry" and medical biology.
Teaching at the department is conducted in the state, Russian and English languages. In the learning process, active teaching methods are widely used - problem lectures, distance learning, interdisciplinary learning, etc. Students, residents are actively involved in research projects of the department, annually presenting the results of research in the form of reports and publications at international conferences.
  The educational process is carried out at the clinical base at No. 1 of the city children's hospital of Samarkand. Teachers, having a high level of medical qualifications, provide great assistance to the health care of the Samarkand region.


  Spiritual and educational work is carried out on the basis of an approved plan, according to which various events are held dedicated to historical dates, national holidays, sports competitions, etc. Curatorial groups of the medical faculty are attached to the department. Each curator has a work plan, on the basis of which he conducts various activities with the curator group. The curator has information about each student, and his daily routine. There are also albums and discs that reflect the plots of the events. Curators meet regularly with students. Every Thursday classes begin "Spiritual Enlightenment Hour".

Curatorial group on Registan square

Curatorial group visiting the Amir Temur mausoleum

Department staff at the "Navruz" holiday


  The staff of the department are the authors of many textbooks, teaching aids for undergraduate studies and guidelines for doctors. In just 5 years, the staff of the department has issued more than 40 educational guidelines and manuals, 5 clinical guidelines, 4 monographs, and a textbook "The most common somatic diseases".


  The Department of Childhood Diseases maintains a high scientific potential. The main scientific interests of the department are aimed at studying the features of the pathogenesis, clinical picture, treatment and prevention of metabolic disorders, obesity, socially significant diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive and urinary systems. The teaching staff actively conducts scientific research, the results of which are published in scientific indexed journals, and are presented in the form of reports at republican and international conferences.
  The topic of the scientific work of Assoc.Prof. LM Garifulina: “Comprehensive assessment of metabolic syndrome manifestations in children and adolescents. Improvement of diagnostics, methods of prevention and correction ”. Head: MD, professor Rustamov M.R.
  The topic of the scientific work of Ashurova M.Zh. "Features of the formation of metabolic and cardiovascular disorders in vitamin D deficiency against the background of obesity in children"
  The theme of the scientific work of Goyibova N.S. "Features of damage to the structural and partial functions of the kidneys in children with obesity and overweight."
  The topic of the scientific work of Turaeva D.Kh. "Clinical and metabolic characteristics of the hepatobiliary system in children with overweight and obesity, optimization of therapy"
  The topic of scientific work of Kholmuradova Z.E. "Features of the implementation of the pathology of the cardiovascular system, depending on the presence of overweight and obesity in children."