Department of Physical Culture and Sports
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Department of Physical Culture and Sports

Muratov Muzaffar Shermamatovich

Chair manager

Время приема: Monday-Saturday. 8:00-16:00
Тел: +99891 523-46-35
Адрес: Daxbed -41

Department staff

FULL NAME Position
Muratov Muzaffar Shermamatovich Chair manager
Axmedjanov Shuxrat Boltayevich great teacher
Normaxmatov Ilxom Zayniddinovich assistent
Ziyatov Muhammad Nomozovich assistent
Sattarov Qarshiboy Norqulovich assistent
Hayitova Ulfatoy Tursunovna seniyor assistent


  History of the Sport chair and Physical Education Samarkand State Medical Institute began to conduct physical education classes in 1938-1948. Classes at the institute began to be held as an option. The Department of Physical Education at SamMI was first established in 1948. The Department was headed by different leaders at different times. 1948-1950 B.P. Kondratyuk, 1950-1964 Y.S. Skitov, 1964-1996 P.V. Tokarev, 1997-1998 M.X. Khamrokulov, 1998-2000 E.A. Abduraupov, 2000-2005 I.Z. Normaxmatov, 2005-2006 S. Mamarasulov ,form 2006 to present M.SH.Muratov has been the head of the department of physical education M.SH.Muratov since 2006. The department all the conditions for class in all sports, volleyball, basketball, chess, football, table tennis and boxing. Teachers of the department regularly participate in student sports and other competitions. In addition, teachers of the department select talented athletes from among the students and prepare them for regional, national and other prestigious sports competitions.


  In order to organize meaningful time for students studying at the institute, in addition to classes, the department has organized 6 sports, including volleyball, basketball, football consists of chess, table tennis.

  The staff of the department makes a worthy contribution to the sports events of the institute,the region or the Republic, including the University student sports, events dedicated to the memory of the famous person who worked at the institute, as well as traditional festivals that reflect our historical dates and national values, they are coming.

  1In 2019, the staff of our institute took an active part in the World Football Championship among healthcare workers in Tashkent, where they took the and place.

  In particular at the Universiade-2020 student sports competition in Navoi in 2020,a student of the institute Inoyatillo Rakhimov took the honorary and place in the chess tournament.

  In addition, he took the 1st place in the regional stage of the. Championship and entered the final stage of the republic. At the initiative of the Republican Youth Union “ Chess board sport. Zubaydullaeva Zarina, a student of the Medical faculty of the Institute, won the honorary 1st place in the competition of physical abilities. “Sport mahoratim” held in the 1st half of 2020 at the Republican Student Festival-2020.


  Organizational basis of the continuous process of education in the system of physical culture and sports. (Methodical manual printing plate 8.5) 2018.


  Ziyatov M.N. Technologies for optimizing the development of flexibility in preschool children on the basis of physical education. He is working on his doctoral dissertation. (PhD)

  Hayitova U.T. Basics of independent participation in mass physical culture and sports. He is currently working on his doctoral dissertation(PhD).