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Department of Psychiatry, Medical Psychology and Narcology

Velilyaeva Aliye Sabrievna
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

Working time: Monday-Saturday 09: 00-15: 00
Tel: +998915552128
E-mail: alsabvel@mail.ru
Address: City: Samarkand, st. Barkamol, 18

List of department staff

Surname/Name Position
Hayatov Rustam Batyrbekovich Teacher of the department
Kubaev Rustam Murodillaevich Teacher of the department
To'raev Tolib Mahmudjonovich Teacher of the department
To'raev Bobir Temirpulatovich Teacher of the department
Abdurazakova Robiya Sheralievna Teacher of the department
Alkarov Rustam Batyrbekovich Teacher of the department
Qarshiev Ziyadullo Xazratovich Teacher of the department


  The organization of neuropsychiatric assistance to the population of the Samarkand region for a long time was in the hands of tabibs and ishans. Although historically our territories are in the zone of a scientific approach to mental pathology. The demonological barbaric attitude towards the mentally ill, which was evidenced in the Middle Ages in European countries, was not widespread in the East. However, in the subsequent period, the number of physicians interested in psychiatry was very small. For the first time in 1919, the position of a regional psychiatrist was established. In 1922, a 3-bed psychiatric isolation ward was organized at the city hospital, which by 1928 had expanded to 10 beds.
  The teaching of psychiatry at SamMI began in 1934/1935.
  The first head of the department. nervous and mental illnesses was prof. Churaev A.A.

  Since 1939, the head of the independent Department of Psychiatry was appointed prof. I.V. Rudnev then began operate student scientific circle.

  On the basis of a psychiatric hospital in 1942-1944. worked evacuated from Leningrad psychiatric clinic of the Military Medical Academy under the guidance of prof. V.P. Osipova. (at a scientific meeting of the department, led by V.P. Osipov, in 1918 I.P. Pavlov made the first report on the physiological understanding of mental illness). Osipov has been the director of the Brain Institute since 1929. He was the editor-in-chief of the Small Encyclopedia of Practical Medicine.

From 1950 to 1954the department was headed by V.I. Ackerman.

From 1954 to 1956 the department was headed by Professor A.Z. Rosenberg.
From 1956 to 1970 the department was headed by A.A. Zaitsev.
Since 1970 to 1972 the department was headed by professor S.S. Kaliner.
From 1972 to 1978 the department was headed by A.V. Utin
Since 1978 to 2011 the department was in charge prof. HA. Aminov.
2011 to 2012 Acting Head of the Department Professor A.Kh. Imamov.


Responsible assistant Kubaev Rustam Muradillaevich

  For a number of years, the staff of the department has been actively involved in teaching and educational work.
Every year, the assistants of the department are curators of 5-6 academic groups, and the head of the department is the head of the stream.
  In sponsored groups and on the stream, meetings are regularly held dedicated to ideological, spiritual, moral, pathological issues, current academic performance and attendance, preparation and results of exam sessions, significant dates. Evenings of questions and answers, quizzes, which include questions on socio-political, ethical-aesthetic, professional-deontological topics, are arranged. Wall newspapers, stands reflecting the life of the students of the stream are issued. Curators, together with their groups, take an active part in subbotniks and other events.

Employees of the Department of Psychiatry, Medical Psychology and Narcology and students during an hour of educational work

Employees of the Department of Psychiatry, Medical Psychology and Narcology and students during the city's festive events


  The department conducts classes for all students of the faculty of our institute. They are trained in psychiatry, narcology and medical psychology. To date, professors and teachers of the department have published 5 teaching aids and 2 teaching aids have been published. The professors and teachers of the department participated in the development of 11 study programs.


  Since the establishment of the department, the staff of the department have been developing scientific problems associated with regional pathology. In addition, assistants study the effectiveness of the treatment of psychotic patients. The results of these studies are reported at hospital and clinical conferences.
  In recent years, the department continues to develop two problems: psychosomatic disorders, affective disorders and epilepsy. The clinic, course, pathogenetic and pathokinetic features of psychosomatic disorders, issues of differential diagnosis are studied. Assistant R.B. Khayatov studies the role of affective disorders in diabetes mellitus. Assistant B.T. Turaev studies cognitive impairments in alcoholism. Assistant Z.Kh. Karshiev is studying psychotherapy for bronchial asthma. The staff of the department takes an active part in scientific sessions of SamMI, in republican conferences and congresses.
The staff of the department annually holds scientific and practical conferences for neuropsychiatric specialists of the Samarkand region with an analysis of the most pressing problems.

Student Scientific Society

  A student scientific society operates at the Department of Psychiatry, Medical Psychology and Narcology. SSS strives to develop the interests of students and contributes to improving the quality of training of SamGosMI specialists in the field of scientific activity. The primary tasks of the SSS are the education and implementation of the scientific potential of the SamGosMI students. The chairman of the SSS is the head. Department of Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Velilyaeva A.S.
The main objectives of the department's SSS are: promoting the development of student science, increasing its innovative potential, promoting the achievements of research and educational research work of students, implementing the results of research into practice, developing scientific creativity of youth, promoting the dissemination of modern scientific knowledge, rallying the student community in the discussion, practical solution of the key problems of our time and their implementation. Research work contributes to the formation of future specialists' readiness for the creative implementation of the knowledge, skills and abilities obtained at the institute, the skills of public speaking, helps to master the methodology of scientific research and study of scientific material, to gain research experience.
  The members of the SSS, under the guidance of the teachers of the department, take an active part in the annual student scientific conferences, Olympiads. Their works were awarded with honorary diplomas and certificates.