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Department of Public Health and Healthcare Management

Aminov Zafar Zayirovich
PhD, Associate professor

Reception days: Monday, Tuesday 15:00
Phone: +998 979179173
e-mail: aminov.zafar@sammi.uz
Address: 90, Mahmud Koshgariy street, Samarkand city, M. Koshgariy 90 street


Full Name


Rizaev Jasur Alimdjanovich


Maxmudov Kamol Xamidovich

doctor of medical Sciences

Askarova Nilufar Qudratovna

associate professor

Karabaev Sanjar Abdusamatovich

associate professor

Israilova Sohiba Bo’ribayevna

senior teacher

Khakimova KHolbuvi KHakimovna

senior teacher

Kushmatova Dildora Ergashevna


Mamasoliyeva Shohista Abdugaffarovna


Kurbanov Anvar A’lamovich


Dustova Gulzoda Komiljonovna


Karimov Abduhalim Abdurazoqovich


Achilova Olesya Djurabayevna


Kamalova Mohinur Iskandarovna


Nuriddinova Parvina Sharofiddinovna


History of the Department

Department of Public Health and Health Management

  The Department was established in the 1934-1935 academic year. Until 1939, the head of the Department was D.A. Drobinsky, and from 1939 to 1942 – associate Professor E.S. Timm. As an experienced statistician, E.S. Timm paid special attention to statistics in the educational process, which is one of the important sections of the public health. In the first years of the Department's existence, the head of the Department gave lectures on public health. Professor S.M. Subbotin, who worked part-time at Samarkand medical institute, was the head of the Department of Tashkent medical institute.
In connection with the evacuation of the Leningrad Military Medical Academy to the city of Samarkand during the World War II, the departments of the Military Medical Academy and of the Institute merged. After the war, from 1946 to 1949, the Department was again headed by E.S. Tim. In 1949, after E.S. Timm moved to Tashkent, associate Professor L.E. Diskin became the department’s head.
  In 1954 associate professor R.R. Farhadi was appointed to the position of head of department, who served in this position until 1960. From 1960 to 1967, the Department was headed by one of the oldest employees of the healthcare system at that time – A.A. Gevorkov, and since 1967 – associate professor M. N. Khaitov, who was also the rector of Samarkand State Medical Institute. From 1970 to 1972, the Department was headed by associate professor T.U. Aripova. In 1973, Professor A.A. Kadyrov was invited to head the Department. Professor T.U. Aripova was in charge from 1981-1994. Associate professor U.O. Oblokulov from 1995 to 1996, associate professor B. T. Tilavov from 1997-2005, associate professor E.H. Kushmurodov 2006-2013 and associate professor Zafar Z. Aminov from 2013 to the present.

M.N. Khaitov

T.U. Aripova

A.A. Kadyrov

B.T. Tilavov

E.H. Kushmurodov

Spiritual and educational work

  Spiritual and educational work in our department is carried out according to schedule and strategy approved by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Higher education. The professors and teachers of the department carry out the prescribed spiritual and educational work and actively participate in all spiritual and educational activities at the institute level.
  In addition to the planned work, the department staff conduct spiritual work with students in other institutions, secondary and specialized schools, mahallas. The department also promotes the work of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees and resolutions of our government. The professors and teachers of the department are constantly working on the study and teaching of “Strategies for action in five priority areas of the development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021,” approved by Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan S.M. Mirzyoyev PK-4947, dated February 7, 2017.
  The staff and curators of the department are working on attracting young people to music and art, theater, painting, including with the aim of creating additional conditions for educating young people. Events and discussions on the development of women’s entrepreneurship were held in the building of the Youth Union. Dialogues with students and their parents were conducted online to raise awareness and, nevertheless, to ensure that students can read and prepare.



Name of the educational work


1 Valueology,
Samarkand 2020.
S.B. Israilova, А.А. Kurbanov
2 Practical skills in the subject of Hygiene. Medical ecology, Samarkand 2020. Z.Z. Aminov, Z.S. Naimova,
H.A. Kurbanova
3 Hygiene. Practical skills in medical ecology, Samarkand 2020. Z.Z. Aminov, Z.S. Naimova,


  The Department of public health and health management has 11 teachers: Professor, doctor of medical Sciences J.A. Rizaev, head of the Department PhD, Associate professor Z.Z. Aminov, PhD S.A. Karabaev, PhD, Associate professor N.K. Askarova, senior teachers – S.B. Israilova, H.H. Khakimova, assistants – S.A. Mamasolieva, D.E. Kushmatova, G.K. Dustova, A.A. Kurbanov, H.R. Kurbanov conduct their teaching activities.
  Of the total number of employees of the Department, 46% are teachers under the age of 40 and 15% are under the age of 50. Have a scientific degree – 4 teachers. Employees of the Department published 49 articles (for 2020), 29 of them - in national journals, 11 – in foreign scientific publications and 9 - in journals indexed by Scopus and Web of Science. Also published is a monograph (authors: Z.Z. Aminov, N.I. Khodjaev "New period of reforms in medicine"). D. E. Kushmatova and Kh. Khakimova received a patent (Electronic platform for evaluating the toxicology of new pesticides).

Grant work performed at the Department

Author Project titleAmount allocated in 2020 Amount allocated in 2020
1 Z.Z. Aminov
Supporting the Professionalization of Health Engineering studies and Related areas in Asia (SPHERA)
141 000 евро
2 J.A. Rizaev Fostering the doctor of the 21st century: education for patient-centered communication
951 234 евро
3 Z.Z. Aminov Harmonization and mutual recognition of MSc programmes in Occupational and Environmental Health
999 485 евро

Employee information in the Google scholar system

Full Name Total number of citations in the Google scholar system H-Index
1 J. A. Rizaev 353 9
2 Z. Z. Aminov 231 8

  Other employees of the Department conduct their scientific and pedagogical research on the creation of scientific and methodological articles, according to the plan.