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Department of Surgical Diseases No. 1

Kurbaniyazov Zafar Babazhanovich
Head of the Department, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

Reception time: Monday-Saturday 8.30-15: 00
Tel: +998979145521
E-mail: dr_zafar@list.ru
Address: Samarkand A. Temur Street 18 - building




K.E. Rakhmanov

Associate Professor

D.Sh. Abdurakhmanov


I.A. Arziev

PhD, assistant

A.F. Zayniev

PhD, assistant

B.A. Mardonov

PhD, assistant

Z.N. Nazarov


S.U. Sulaymanov


F.K. Sayinaev


J.I. Gozibekov


P.A. Yuldashov


A.M. Nasimov


Sh.N. Usarov


A.A. Egamberdiev


J.S. Saloxiddinov


A.A. Anarboev



  The Department of Surgical Diseases No. 1 was founded in 1933 and in different years it was headed by Professor A.A. Kozyrev (1933-34), professor B.E. Pankratyev (1934-42), associate professor V.F. Medvedkov (1944-45), Professor A.V. Sushchevsky (1946-51), Professor G.M. Mints (1951-56)

F.М. Golub (1956-1974 )

I.R. Rustamov (1987-1997)

B.U. Sabirov (1997-2009)

  Since 1956, Professor F. Golub became the head of the department. Under his leadership, U.A. Aripov, A. Britun, N.F. Dokuchaeva, R. Yu. Amirov, M.A. In 1964, the Akhmedovs defended their doctoral dissertation by Professor F. Golub and awarded the title of Honored Scientist of the USSR. In 1974-87, the department was headed by Professor R.Yu. Amirov was the director. The main scientific direction of the department was experimental studies of the effect of toxic chemicals on the wound healing process. Immunological problems have arisen in surgery. During these years, associate professors of the department R.K. Sattarov, L. Marokanova, V. Waves worked. Since 1988, the department is headed by Professor I. Rustamov is the head. Professor of the department M.Kh. Khodzhaeva, M.A. Fakhratov worked. In 1997, the departments and departments of hospital surgery were merged, and the head of the department was Professor B.U. Sabirov was elected. The main scientific direction of the department is the development of minimally invasive surgery in thoracic and abdominal surgery.

  Since 2009 he has been working in the Department of Surgical Diseases No. 1, Cand. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Head - Professor Kurbaniyazov Zafar Babadzhanovich.


  In their free time, students are engaged in spiritual and educational work. Each group of the department is assigned a curator from among experienced teachers. Under the guidance of curators, the students of the department take an active part in mass events, hold a cultural holiday, visit historical monuments and sights of Samarkand, theaters and museums.

  Much attention is paid to physical education and sports. Students of curatorial groups participate in sports sections in swimming, tennis, chess, football, basketball, volleyball, national wrestling, martial arts, athletics, which operate on the basis of the sports complex of the institute. They take an active part in both regional and national sports competitions.

  Employees of the department as part of the national football team of the Republic of Uzbekistan took part in the international futsal tournament, which was held on February 23-26 in Antalya, Turkey, at the initiative of DIFFA. They took 2nd place.


   Practical classes at the department take place during the day, 4 hours of practical work, 2 hours of lectures.

   In the process of studying at the department, students take exams based on the acquired practical skills.

  Over the past three years, the teachers of the department have developed 27 teaching aids, 2 teaching aids and 4 monographs for senior students, masters and clinical residents.


  Over the past 3 years, the staff of the department defended 1 doctoral and 8 master's theses, published more than 175 scientific papers, including Nagoya J. Med. Articles have been published in foreign journals such as Sci., British Journal of Science, Education and Culture, Medical and Health Science Journal, Shpitalnaya Surgery. The staff of the department received 4 patents (1 IAP and 3 FAP) and 21 programs (DGU), published 1 study guide, 6 study guides, 7 monographs.

  The scientific directions of the department are hepatobiliary and reconstructive surgery of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine surgery, surgical herniology, etc. At present, research is being carried out on 2 doctoral and 11 master's theses. Scientific work is carried out on the basis of the results obtained with the help of modern high-tech equipment used in diagnostic and therapeutic work on the basis of the clinic.

Within the framework of academic mobility, the staff of the department were trained at the universities of Porto (Portugal), Pisa (Italy), Nitra (Slovakia), Ghent (Belgium).

  In the department in 2019-2021 Three students received a state scholarship from Abu Ali ibn Sino and a scholarship from the Youth Union of Uzbekistan. Two students were awarded the State Scholarship named after Islam Karimov, and one - the Scholarship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.