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Faculty of Higher Nursing

DSc, Associate Professor

Admission period:Dushanba-Shanba: 08:30-17:00
Tel:(0366) 233-81-08
Address:Samarkand, Amir Temur street 18

Specialty: 0513000 – Nursing and obstetrician
Qualification: 6510700– Bachelor of Nursing and Obstetrics
Training period: 3 years
Training form: full-time


Department of Internal Diseases No. 3 with endocrinology course

Endocrinology course

Department of Physical Culture and Sports

Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Sports and Traditional Medicine

Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases


Raufkhon Bozorovich Askarov

Subdean for Youth affair

Reception time: Monday-Saturday: 08:30-17:00.

Tel.: (998) 99 4090951

E-mail: rasqarov@bk.ru

Melikova Dilshodakhon Uktam qizi


Reception time: Monday-Saturday: 08:30-17:00.

Tel: (998) 979225025

E-mail: yewoda0710@gmail.com


  In 1999, at the medical faculty of the Samarkand State Medical Institute, the first admission in the direction of "Higher Nursing" was held.

  At the initiative of the rector A.M. Shamsiev in 2005, the faculty began to function independently. During the existence of the faculty, the dean's responsible position was held by associate professor B.T Tilavov, associate professor S.E Kubaev, N.N. Abdullaeva. Since 2020, the faculty of higher nursing education has been headed by MD associate professor N.I.Axmedjanova.
  Students of the faculty have been studying at 36 departments in 62 disciplines for 3 years. Over the past period, the faculty has trained more than 652 highly qualifed nurses. The number of graduates annually ranges from 60 - 70 people. Departments of the faculty have a rich history and invaluable experience in training qualied specialists.
  All cathedral groups work according to the general plan in accordance with the State General educational standard in the specialty. The teaching stat is represented by 50 teachers, including 4 doctors of sciences, professors, as well as 15 candidates of sciences, associate professors. The degree of teaching stat is 38%.
  Training facilities of the faculty: Clinic 1, 2 SamMI, Samarkand branch of RSNCEMP, city hospitals for practical health care, clinics of Samarkand.
  The teaching stat of the departments of the Faculty of Higher Nursing is characterized by high levels of teaching experience, continuously improving their skills both in large centers abroad and in medical institutions of Uzbekistan. Most teachers participate in major international conferences, where they attract attention by the relevance of their presentations.


B.T Tilavov

S.E Kubaev

N.N. Abdullaeva


  The formation of high moral values among students, the raising of interest in professional activities, the need for a healthy lifestyle, and attracting students to cultural events is one of the main tasks of the faculty.
  The organization of educational work at the faculty is carried out by the primary organization of the Youth Union, the student trade union committee, the committee of women of the faculty, and the councils of curators according to the approved plan. Each group of the faculty is assigned a curator, who is appointed from among experienced teachers.
  Each curator has a work plan, on the basis of which he conducts various activities with a curatorial group.
  Each curator has data about each student, and his daily routine. There are also albums and discs that refiect the plots of events. Under the supervision of curators, students of the faculty participate in social events, perform amateur performances, organize cultural activities - visit historical monuments and sights of Samarkand, visit theaters and museums.
  Students of the faculty take part in various creative competitions held in our Republic. Much attention is also paid to physical education and sports. Students of the faculty attend sports sections in tennis, chess, football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, which operate on the basis of the institute’s sports complex.
  They actively participate in both regional and republican sports competitions. The dean and deputy deans of the faculty regularly meet with group curators and students.


  The research work of the faculty is reflected in international, national and local publications.
  Scientific work by the scientists of the faculty has always been carried out in close interconnection with the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel and the requirements of practical health care; at present, it is aimed at solving the problems identified by the state program for the development of science and technology. The main task of the faculty is to train highly qualified specialists with high fundamental, general medical and professional training.
  The faculty members actively participate in conferences held at the institute, medical universities of the Republic and the CIS countries. Teachers of the departments of the faculty do a great job of organizing research work. The faculty actively cooperates with research institutes and centers, educational and medical institutions of the Republic, near and far abroad.
  Students take an active part in the research work, including within the framework of the student scientific society of the institute. The involvement of students in scientific activity is carried out through student scientific circles.

European Union project ERASMUS+ SPHERA training seminar at the University of Oviedo (Spain), in which employees of the department of internal diseases #3 of our faculty actively participated
From 18 to 23 March 2018


  Educational and methodical work at the faculty is organized in accordance with the educational regulatory documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  The development of specialized disciplines by students in the departments is carried out in a well-organized educational process, implemented using modern equipment, which contributes to a deeper development of educational material.
  The departments have the necessary complex of training facilities, educational and scientific laboratories, demonstration halls and classes, which allows the educational process to be carried out in accordance with the curriculum, typical and work programs. Students via the Internet have access to teaching materials of the institute’s e-learning system. Also, in the organization of the educational process, decisive importance is attached to strict adherence to educational and labor discipline, the widespread introduction of advanced pedagogical technologies in teaching practice, and the improvement of the quality and effectiveness of teaching in the departments of the faculty.
  To achieve this goal, a system of continuous monitoring of student attendance and academic performance has been developed and implemented in everyday practice.
  One of the most important tasks of the faculty is the constant individual work of teachers and professors with students. It consists in in-depth mastering of medical disciplines through the use of electronic and modular training systems (moodle.sammi.uz), which contains electronic educational and methodological materials in all disciplines.


  Fayzieva Bakhora, a student of the 305th group of the 2019-2020 academic year, has achieved great success in learning the curriculum subjects and graduated with honours, gaining 86% and more in at least 3/4 of all subjects.