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Student Dormitory

Recently, the Institute has undergone major changes in all areas of student life, including special attention being paid to students' hostels.
  Currently, the institute has 3 students’ dormitories designed for 1100 people. In the hostel number 1, which is located on the street. Daghbed 37, all conditions have been created for living not only students, but also doctors undergoing advanced training. The hostel has a skipping system, which is strictly controlled. Departure and entry of students to their home is recorded in special registration book.
  The room “Spirituality and enlightenment” is equipped with high-level visual equipment, upholstered furniture and carpets. Organizations branch of the library, where there are about 3000 books of educational literature.
For cultural recreation, students on each floor have a total of 12 televisions and all rooms are equipped with upholstered furniture.
  Computer classes are organized, which are equipped with 24 computers of the latest model and are also organized on each floor for 3 round-the-clock dining rooms that meet modern requirements, where high-quality hot pizza is prepared, at affordable prices for students.
  On each floor there is a shower, hygiene room, laundry, which is constantly provided with hot, water. The hostel has a new modern complex for washing, linen. In order to constantly provide heat in the hostel is installed. It was installed German modern local automated equipment.
  To ensure the safety of students, a video surveillance camera and an alarm system are installed on the front door and the dormitory building.There is a radio center on all floors.
  Youth clubs such as ” Zakovat”, “Cheerful and Resourceful”, “Zulfiakhonim”, “Young Doctors”, “Leading Girls”, etc. There is a continuous organization of spiritual and educational events, meetings and round-table discussions, meetings on significant dates, for example, “Day of Remembrance and Honors”, “Meeting of Two Generations” with honorary employees of the institute, etc.
In order to visit students living in apartments and protect them from negative phenomena, a plan of events was developed and approved by the rector of the institute.


  According to this plan, curators of assigned groups hold meetings with representatives of the mahalla. The development of a number of activities for the study of national heritage and spiritual values, the formation of the scientific horizons of raising the level of culture, the organization of spiritual, educational and sports activities, the meaningful spending of students' free time.