Memo for applicants
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Memo for applicants

  The applicant must submit the necessary documents to the selection committee and confirm the correctness of the information on the documents submitted, entered in the database of applicants.
  After the end of acceptance, applications (complaints) of applicants are not accepted. Applicant participates in test trials at the applicant indicated on the pass date and time.
 During the test testing process, the applicant has the right:
  use the test book as a draft;
  carry out test tasks in advance, then orderly pass the test materials to the group observer, and also leave the territory where the test tests are conducted.
  The applicant on the day of the test test, along with entering before 07:00 (second shift until 13:00) in the territory related to the building, until 07:30 in the building (second shift until 13:30) only with the admission of the applicant and passport through identification tools the person, as well as the video recording device, in the first shift from 07:30 to 08:00 hours (in the second shift from 14:30 to 15:00) is obliged to carry out the following instructions:
  check the correspondence of book numbers with test tasks and the numbers of the corresponding answer sheet;
  check the integrity of the test materials and if defects are found immediately inform the group observer;
  ensure that the answer sheet is filled out correctly;
  write in the appropriate place on the cover of the book with test tasks and the answer sheet the last name, first name, middle name, put a signature;
  correctly rewrite the number of the answer sheet to the appropriate place in the applicant’s pass and to the cover page, put a signature;
  correctly rewrite the special code and the code of the educational institution indicated
  in the title page, in the appropriate place indicated on the answer sheet, and also fill in the corresponding circles.
  In addition to the above duties, the applicant is personally responsible for the following:
  fill in the answer sheet with a blue ballpoint pen;
  Do not wrinkle the answer sheet, do not write on the marker line, do not paint over the circles located under the number of the answer sheet;
  correctly fill out the answer sheet, as it is the main document confirming the level of knowledge of the applicant;
  Before the set time has elapsed, perform the test tasks in the test book, fill in the corresponding circles on the answer sheet in accordance with the serial number, submit the book with the test tasks and the corresponding answer sheet to the group observer.
  Test tasks are compiled in accordance with the curricula of general and secondary special, professional educational institutions in general subjects.
  Applicants pass a test test in one, two or three complexes of subjects based on the chosen direction of education.
  Each subject in the test book consists of 30 test items. To complete the test tasks, a time of 1 hour is set for 30 test
  tasks, in 2 hours for 60 test tasks, 3 hours for 90 test tasks (along with filling out the answer sheet).
  For each test task, 4 alternative answers are given (“A”, “B”, “C”, “D”). The applicant must mark only one answer to each test task.
  The applicant must mark only one answer to each test task,
  filling out one of the circles with the corresponding number on the answer sheet, which is considered the correct answer from the test book (you cannot change the filled answers on the answer sheet). If the rule “shading pattern” on the answer sheet is not respected,
  number, if the corresponding circle on the answer sheet for one test task is not painted over or two or more circles are painted over, or the circle is not completely painted over, then the test task is not assigned a mark.
  During the test tests, the applicant is not allowed to leave the group, the applicant who has left back is not allowed to test. An exception is cases of leaving the group without test materials under the supervision of a group observer.
  In the following cases, the applicant is suspended from the test test process, and this is the basis for not delivering the results:
  if he tries to enter or enter into the territory or into the building for conducting test tests a micro calculator, dictionary, table, book, cell phone, computer, telecommunications and other means, cheat sheets, or uses them during test tests;
  transfers test materials to another applicant or helps them;
  removes test materials from the building, tears a sheet of a book with test tasks;
  after the time allotted for test tests, refuses to pass the test materials;
  if during the test tests through the means of video surveillance it is found that the applicant does not comply with the order and rules.

Attention to applicants who participates testing in Samarkand region!

Samarkand regional branch of STC announced names of places, addresses and geolocation of test sites.

Zone 1: Republican Children and Youth Rowing Sports School of Olympic Reserve (fields 1, 2, 3, 4). (common: Grebnoy channel).
Address: Tashkent-Termez M-39 International Road, Koenigil Mahalla of Samarkand region. Google-Maps

Zone 2: "Lokomotiv" soccer stadium Address: 79 Depot Street, Samarkand. Google-Maps

Zone 3: Samarkand city, stadium 2 of the Children and Youth Sports Center Address: city of Samarkand, Sartepo massif, 105 Turkiston street. Google-Maps

Zone 4: "Nurafshon" soccer stadium Address: city of Samarkand, village Super. Google-Maps