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Memo for applicants

The online admission process for the magistracy will be carried out through the magistr.edu.uz website http://magistr.edu.uz/ until July 31.

Entrance exams are held in two stages, in the form of test questions from the DTM in the specialty and foreign language, in accordance with the procedure established by the university.

▪️ Stage 1: It is planned to conduct an exam in the specialty from 3 to 15 August in the manner prescribed by the university.

Stage 2: Foreign language tests are scheduled for the second half of August according to the schedule established by the DTM :.

Can applicants achieve the maximum 300 points in the Master's entrance examinations?

These points are distributed in the following order:

▪️ The average score of the undergraduate diploma is from 55 to 100 points;

▪️ Points in special subjects - from 0 to 100 points;

▪️ Points in a foreign language - from 0 to 100 points.

P / S: Applicants who do not score at least 55 points in the specialty, regardless of the total score, are not recommended for students

Major mistakes:

1. A photocopy of the diploma and attachments are very vague or incomplete.

2. The second direction is not selected

3. Those who graduated in 2020 and received a diploma in the electronic version cannot pass the diploma in the electronic version this year. Last year there was no original diploma, so electronic versions of diplomas were temporarily accepted. You now have the original diploma and application. You have to go to college and make a diploma scanner.

4. The direction code is not registered in the application

5. The foreign language is incorrectly selected.