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Department of Oralni Surgery and dental Implantology

Khazratov Alesher Isomidinovich

Head of the Department

Time of receipt:

monday - saturday 15:00






Samarkand st. Yusuv Kh.Kh. 18




Shodiev Sadullo Samexjonovich


Buzrukzoda Javoxir Davron


Isaev Umid Ismoilovich


Sherbekova Farangiz Ulug'bekovna


Axtamov Shahrob Dilmurodzoda


Tuqsonboyev Muhamad Hamza угли


Musurmanov Fazliddin Isomiddinovich


Ismatov Farrux Asliddinovich


Bekmurodov Lukmon Rustamovich


Kachaliev Xusen Farmonovich



 ToURS dentistry is organized in 1953 with the arrival of Samgori associate Professor L. M. Obukhova. Lidiya Maksimovna Obukhova was born on may 5, 1898 in the Nikolsky settlement of the Tashkent district, in the family of a peasant.

  In 1920оду, L. M. Obukhova became a student of the Central Asian State UniversityУниверситетShe graduated from the University of medicine in 1927. Since that time, her medical career began as a resident of the faculty of surgery, headed by Professor P. p. Sitkovsky, who discovered Lydia Maksimovna's aptitude for plastic surgery and persuaded her to seriously engage in maxillofacial surgery and dentistry.
  During the second world war, L. M. Obukhova worked in the Tashkent evacohospital No. 3668/69, first as the head of the Department, and then as a leading maxillofacial surgeon, consultant.
  In 1946, L. M. Obukhova returned to teaching at the clinic of surgical dentistry of Tashgosmi, where she completed and defended her dissertation for the title of candidate of medical Sciences on the topic: "Cadaveric cartilage in reconstructive surgery of maxillofacial injuries".
  After defending her dissertation in 1953, L. M. Obukhova was transferred by the Ministry of health To work at the Samarkand State Medical Institute in an assistant position for the organization of teaching courses in dentistry and dental care in Samarkand, where she workedи for 25 years.
  L. M. Obukhova proposed methods of cheiloplasty of the upper lip with full, partial and bilateral cleft. A modification of the Filatov stem preparation, the technique of deepidermization of transplanted flaps, subepidermal excision of scars, and others was developed.
  Under the guidance of L. M. Obukhova, 2 PhD theses were defended. L. M. Obukhova is the organizer of the scientific urban society of dentists in the cityСамарканде, которое I have been in charge of Samarkandи for 15 years. In June of 1978, L. M. Obukhova went on a well-deserved rest.

  In 1977СамМИ, M. M. Sammi was appointed head of the course of dentistry.М.М. Musinov.

  M MMusinov was born on December 20, 1925 in the city of Andijan in the family of a worker. He started his career in 1943 as a teacher of evening courses in Andijan.
  In 1952, after graduating from the Samarkand Medical Institute, M. M.Musinov was retained at the Institute, first as a clinical resident, then as an assistant at the Department of hospital surgery of Sammi.
  In its activities in the field of dentistry, M. M.Musinov started in 1954, first as a resident of the Department of surgical dentistry, headed by associate Professor L. M. Obukhova, combining work in the Department with teaching work as an assistant of the hospital surgery clinic, and since 1964 - as an assistant of the Sammi dentistry course. In 1961, M. M.Musinov entered the postgraduate program of LIUV where he entered the postgraduate program under the guidance of corresponding member of the Academy of medical Sciences, Professor A. A. Limberg. April 13, 1965 MoscowMusinov successfully defended his PhD thesis on the topic: "Age-related indications for plastic surgery of cleft lip and palate in the General plan of dispensary service".
  After successful defense of M. M.'s candidate's dissertation.Musinov continued to work as an assistant of the course of dentistry, from 14 February 14, 1973 - as an associate Professor, and from 1977 until the last days of his life-as asupervisor of the course of dentistry of the Samarkand Medical Institute.

  In 1982, A.D.А.Г. Vorobyevsky was appointed head of course of stomatology of Samgori. A. G.Varobievskaya was born on February 16, 1940 in the city of Tashkent in the family of a worker. After graduatingя from high school, he entered the Tashkent State Medical Institute Dental faculty in 1957 and successfully graduated in 1962. In 1962 - 1963, internships in surgical dentistry and maxillofacial surgery are held at the base No. 1 of the city clinical hospital in the citySamarkand.

  Since 1964, he will become a resident doctor of oral and maxillofacial surgery. At the same time, as a resident of the Department of surgical dentistry, headed by associate Professor M. M.Musinov, combining work in the Department with teaching work as an assistant of the hospital surgery clinic, and since 1969-an assistant of the Sammi dentistry course.
  In 1972, he entered graduate school and in 1974 successfully defended his PhD thesis.
  In 1982 becomes head of course of stomatology of the Samarkand Medical Institute, and in 1986 A. G. Vorobjevskoe assigns the position of associate Professor of course of dentistry.
  For family reasons A. G.Wroblewska 1993 went to Russia Voronezh, and at the present time works as the associate Professor of the Medical Academy in Voronezh.

  Since 1992, he has been the head of the Department of dentistry of Samarkand Medical University. The Institute is assignedKubaev S. E.(In Russian)

  Kubaev S. E. was born in 1959, in the Ishtykhansky district of the Samarkand region. In 1982, he graduated from the dental faculty of the Tashkent Medical State Institute. In 1992, he defended his PhD thesis. In 2002на спец, he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation at the special Council of the Tashkent State Medical Institute.
  In 2011, in connection with the opening of the dental faculty at theBy myselfStateМи, organized the Department of dentistry, which was headed byKubaev S. E.
  Ibragimov D. D. was appointed head of the Department of Dentistry of samgosmi In 2014.

  Ibragimov D.D. was appointed head of the Department of Dentistry SamGosMI in 2014. Ibragimov D.D. was born in 1972, in the Kushrabat district of the Samarkand region. In 1994 he graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of the Tashkent Medical State Institute.

  In 2015, by decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Tashkent State Dental Institute with the Samarkand regional branch was opened in Tashkent. On the basis of the branch, the Department of Surgical Dentistry was organized, which was headed by Ibragimov D.D.

  In 2017, the Samarkand regional branch was again transferred to the SamGosMI as a dental faculty. In the same year, the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery was organized with a course of pediatric maxillofacial surgery, the head of which was U.B. Gaffarov.

  Gaffarov U.B. was born in 1969, in the Khatirchi district of the Navoi region. In 1997 he graduated from the pediatric faculty of the Samarkand State Medical Institute. 1997 - 1999 - Clinical resident of the Department of Pediatric Surgery No. 2 of the Samarkand State Medical Institute. In 2007 he defended his Ph.D. thesis.

  The department is located on the basis of the Samarkand city medical association at the department of maxillofacial surgery. Its activities are aimed at contributing to the training of modern specialists that meet international standards. The department provides training for general practitioners, dentists, including residency, magistracy and doctoral studies. Postgraduate training of specialists is carried out. On August 28, 2021, the Department of Oral and Lyceal Surgery and Dental Implantology was established


  The teaching staff regularly publishes monographs, teaching aids, teaching aids, guidelines, articles and abstracts.

1. Rizaev. Zh.A, Khazratov A.I; "Metabolic disorders in experimental carcinogenesis" Samarkand 2020, study guide

2. Ismatov F.A. "Features of the dental status and assessment of the effectiveness of the prevention of dental diseases in students of higher educational institutions." // Guidelines. Samarkand-2020

4 Ismatov F.A. "Dental status and clinical examination among students of higher educational institutions" // Methodical recommendations. Samarkand-2020.

5. Shodiev S.S., Ismatov F.A. "Congenital clefts of the upper lip and palate" Samargand 2017, teaching aid..


  The department regularly conducts a rating assessment of progress. Also, every year, the teachers of the department are certified and take tests in the subjects they teach in the SamMI test center, take tests to determine the level of knowledge of a foreign language and information technology.

  To date, the department conducts their research work teachers of the department:

1. Ismatov F.A. - scientific applicant;

2. Shodiev S.S. - scientific applicant;

3. Tuksonboyev M.Kh. - scientific applicant;

4. Buzrukzoda Zh.D. .- scientific applicant;

5. Akhtamov Sh.D. .- scientific applicant;

6.Isaev U.I.-scientific applicant;

7. Мусурмонов Ф.И. scientific applicant;

  Department staff participate in republican and international conferences, publish articles and abstracts in regional, republican and international publications.