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Department of pharmacognosis and pharmaceutical technologies

Qodirov Nizomiddin Daminovich

Associate Professor

Time of receipt:

Monday through Saturday: 08:30-17:00


+998 (91) 547 50 53




Samarkand city, Amir Temur street, 18


Full namePosition
Ernazarova Mavluda Ernazarovna head teacher
Usmanova Marhabo Balhievna assistant
Kuilieva Mahbuba Uzakovna assistant
Boimuradov Eson Sunovich assistant
Hasanova Gulbahor Rahmatullaevna assistant
Olimov Sardor Mustafo ugli assistant
Jovliev Furkat Bahtiяrovich assistant
Imamova lduz Abduvoitovna assistant
Saidahmatov Sodik Saidahmatovich assistant
Melikulov Otabek Jamol ugli assistant


  The teaching of pharmacognosy and pharmaceutical technology at the Samarkand Medical Institute was first started in 2019 at the Department of Pharmacology.

  By the decree of the Academic Council of SSMI No11 dated June 30, 2021 and by the order of the rector No655AF dated July 20, 2021, the Department of Pharmacology was divided into departments: "Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Technologies" and "Pharmacology".

  By the order of the rector of SSMI dated August 28, 2021 No529-k, starting from August 28, 2021, the Department of Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Technology is headed by Nizom D. Kodirov, Philosophy Doctor in Medical Sciences


  The annual plan of the department was approved in August 2021, it basically contains 5 main sections:
  1. Organizational work. It discusses the results of spiritual, educational and educational work for the past academic year, as well as issues of approving the annual work plans of the department and group mentors for the new academic year. The head of the department N.D. Kodirov gives instructions to the members of the department. In addition, the issue of full implementation at the department of decrees, resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, resolutions, orders and modems of the Ministry on issues of the spiritual and educational sphere, as well as on the implementation of performing discipline is being considered.

  2. Ensuring the priority of educational work in the preparation of spiritually harmonious specialists. This section covers 10 main points, which are mainly aimed at educating young people in the spirit of patriotism, deep thinking and morality. In paragraph 5 of this section, the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle is formulated, the organization of round tables on topics such as the basics of higher education and upbringing, the preparation of booklets on the topic "Healthy lifestyle and education of youth" according to national values and traditions, concerning the protection of human health, organizing a meeting of students with famous athletes, prize-winners of sports competitions, the Universiade, sports veterans and round tables on the harmful effects of drug use, alcoholism, tobacco, organization of evenings. The instructors of the groups of the department will be given appropriate instructions on the need to increase the activity of students in the prevention of the above phenomena, which negatively affect human health.
In order to increase students' interest in art on issues of artistic and aesthetic education, the creation of artistic groups by types of amateur singing, ensuring participation in the republican competition of folklore and ethnographic ensembles, stimulating the creation of artistic spectacular songs imbued with a sense of devotion to the Motherland, involvement in its fate. The group's mentors will be given appropriate recommendations on the need to attract students to various republican competitions.
  Each mentor holds separate meetings and lectures with his group on how to motivate students for honesty, economic and environmental education, encouraging people to work right, live honestly.
  3. Establishing cooperation with educational institutions, parents, makhallas, state and public organizations in the formation of a person loyal to the principles of independence of Uzbekistan and capable of making a worthy contribution to the development of society.
  4. National values and traditions for the "day of spirituality and enlightenment" topics and necessary materials will be prepared on national values and traditions, propaganda of the rich heritage of our ancestors
In honor of May 9 - the day of memory and honors, the head of the department N.D. Kodirov in the large lecture hall of the department speaks to students with a lecture on the terrible days that happened in 1941-1945 on the topic "human value and its memory is sacred."
  5. Organization of leisure time for youth. Scientific circles were organized, aimed at meaningful spending of students' leisure. In addition, the teachers of the department during the year on the set days of each month performed night shifts in hostels, where they carried out educational, spiritual and educational work with students.


  Educational and methodological work at the department is organized in accordance with educational regulatory documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

1. Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on education (August 29, 1997).
2. National training program (August 29, 1997).

3. "Regulations on higher education" approved by the Ministry of January 9, 2003

4. State educational standards in all educational areas.

5. Curricula for all educational areas, approved by the ministry.

6. Standard and work programs in subjects.

7. “Regulations on the rating system of monitoring and assessing students” knowledge" approved by order of the Ministry No204 of 2009 with amendments based on the order of the Ministry No333 of 2010.

8. Order of the rector of SSMI No43 dated September 12, 2013 "On the organization of the educational process at the institute on a modular training system."

  The department trains 2nd year students of medical, pediatric faculties, vocational education, dental faculty, medical prevention, medical biology, 1st year students of the faculties of higher nursing and folk medicine and 3rd course of the pharmaceutical faculty.

  The department has 5 educational laboratories and 1 laboratory rooms equipped with individual technical means, as well as laboratories working in the form of practical laboratory work and on the basis of economic contracts and grants. There are electronic versions of all lectures, virtual laboratories.

  The staff of the department published the following educational, teaching aids:

  2 – Educational-methodical recommendation

  Topic: «Poroshoklarni umumiy va xususiy tayyorlash texnologiyasi)

  Topic: "Suyuq dori turlarini umumiy va hususiy tayyorlash texnologyasi"


  The scientific work carried out by the scientists of the department will be closely related to the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel and the requirements of practical health care, and is also aimed at solving the problems determined by the state program for the development of science and technology "protecting the health of mothers and children, developing methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of taking into account regional peculiarities".

   For this purpose, this year, three graduates of the magistracy of the Institute of Pharmacology were hired, who will be actively engaged in scientific work at the department.