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Vice-rector for financial and economic issues

Gayrat Elmurodov Abdumurodovich

Duties of the vice-rector for financial and economic issues:

 • Organizational work to implement the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees and orders of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decisions of the Oliy Majlis and the Cabinet of Ministers in the field of education and training;
 • Organization of the implementation of orders, instructions and instructions of the relevant higher organizations, the decisions of the Scientific Council and the orders of the rector of SamMI regarding financial and economic issues;
 • Preparation of proposals and organization of work in areas of activity;
 • Organization, coordination and control of the financial and economic activities of departments and deans;
 • Development of proposals for the staff of auxiliary personnel in the field of financial and economic issues, providing departments, departments with qualified employees;
 • Admission to the vacant positions of the financial and economic sector, development of plans to improve staff skills and professional development, as well as general management of personnel work;
 • Development of proposals for the effective operation of classrooms, the technical equipment of classrooms and laboratories;
 • Preparation of proposals on the application of appropriate disciplinary measures against employees who violate labor discipline, termination of employment contracts with them;
 • Realization of constant cooperation in financial and economic matters with higher educational institutions, joint work with local authorities;
 • Conducting, in accordance with the established procedure, in SamMI internal certification, preparation for external certification and active participation in it;
 • Management and coordination of work in the field of financial, economic and economic issues;
 • Organization, management and coordination of construction, repair, landscaping and landscaping;
 • Attracting extrabudgetary funds by providing additional paid services within the existing capabilities of SamMI material and technical base (publishing, consumer services, paid training courses, rental premises, sponsorship, dividends, etc.), developing proposals for material incentives for teachers and employees;
 • Organization of work on the formation of extrabudgetary funds received from student tuition fees on a contractual basis and other special extra-budgetary funds;
 • Development of estimates of income and expenditures of funds received on the basis of the state budget, entrepreneurship and student training on a contract-paid basis, as well as ensuring registration in the relevant ministries;
 • Monitoring the implementation of cost estimates, financial and economic activities, accounting for currency transactions of SamMI;
 • Development and enforcement of measures for the preparation of educational and laboratory facilities, students' homes (dormitories) and other auxiliary buildings and facilities for the autumn-winter season and the school year;
 • Development of measures to develop the material and technical base of SamMI in the conditions of economic liberalization and control over their implementation;
 • Organization of activities to attract investment in SamMI, consideration of design estimates for reconstruction and overhaul of existing buildings and structures, acceptance of work performed and quality control;
 • Organization of monitoring compliance with staffing, budgetary and accounting discipline and monitoring reporting and accounting;
 • Development of measures for the rational and lean use of budget and extra-budgetary funds, as well as ensuring their implementation;
 • Development of measures to improve the conditions of remuneration of the faculty of SamMI, the development of accounting and reporting and their implementation in the prescribed manner;
 • Ensuring timely payment of salaries of the faculty of SamMI and scholarships of students;
 • Monitoring the implementation of student payment for tuition;
 • Organization, management and coordination of construction and repair work, ensuring the implementation of the plan for the delivery of waste ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
 • Drawing up a plan of measures for ensuring labor safety and protecting students and staff in emergency situations, as well as ensuring their implementation;
 • Ensuring the sustainability of the Institute buildings, providing them with fire-fighting equipment, and compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements;
 • Drawing up a work plan for student dormitories, buffets, sports and fitness centers, medical centers and ensuring their functioning, meeting the needs of students' homes (dormitories);
 • Providing teachers and students with modern and well-equipped teaching and laboratory facilities with all the amenities for conducting lecture, practical and laboratory classes;
 • coordinates the Institute’s activities in the areas of capital and current repairs, building maintenance, the operation of the auto fleet, the service of the chief power engineer, the commandants of educational buildings and the heads of dormitories, logistics, fire safety, timely payment of utilities, supervision of the maintenance of electric networks, gas supply, water supply and sewerage, the use of thermal energy, and the collection and removal of solid and household waste.
 • Conscientious performance of his duties.