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Women's committee

Khudoberdiyeva Gavkhar Ismoilovna

Reception time: Monday-Saturday: 15.00-17.00
Tel: +99891 557 81 32
E-mail: xotin-qizlar@sammi.uz
Address: Samarkand, Amur Temur, 18

Women's Advisory Council:

  After the Republic of Uzbekistan became independent, the status and role of women in society rose to a higher level. And this was the main goal of our state.
  The purpose and objectives of the Women's Advisory Council are to improve the political, social and economic activities of women in society. In this regard, a number of laws and regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan were adopted. Today, over 62% of women are employed and actively work in the economy, management and various kinds of production.
  In the teaching staff of SamMI, 54% of women are employed. Among them: 28% - DSc, 36% - PhD. A number of women are heads of departments and divisions. There are 2 professors, 1 dean of the faculty, 1 vice-rector for academic work, 36 heads of departments and courses, 10 heads of departments of the rectorate among them.


  The Institute's Women's Advisory Council has a long history. At one time, the SamMI Women's Committee was headed by Sayyora Abdurakhmanova, Rano Maslakhatovna Salokhiddinova, Sayyora Tilavova, Dilbar Negmatovna Ibadova, Dilor Yuldashevna Yuldasheva, Husenova Shoira Akbarovna and Nasiba Nurmamatovna Ishankulova, who made a great contribution to the development of the Women's Council.

The main purpose of the council:

  To strengthen the role of women in politics, the economy, society and various types of work. To protect their rights and interests. To conduct moral and educational work among women. Conducting and organising various activities among girls for their comprehensive development, education in the spirit of national and cultural traditions. Increasing their legal illiteracy.    Organising a circle of gifted girls. Participation in nominating them for the Zulfiya State Prize. Improvement of their reproductive health. Protection of motherhood and childhood. Protection against oppression and violence.

The main task of the Women's Advisory Council is as follows:

To increase women's participation in solving their political, social and economic problems. Providing comprehensive support, improvement of living conditions, protection of their rights and interests. Strengthening family ties based on national and moral traditions. Education of high moral young people in the spirit of patriotism.
  With the support of the Institute's administration, the Women's Advisory Council conducts moral and spiritual work among faculty, support staff and female students.
  Round-table discussions and meetings are held among female students in order to study their mental and psychological state.
As in any area, the role of women in science is undeniable. Our young female scientists are actively manifesting themselves in scientific research. Our talented students were the winners of scholarships named after Islam Karimov, Ibn Sino, the Youth Union of Uzbekistan.

Our activists make their contribution to the prosperity of our homeland.